1 Scene Looper completely changes the logic of the movie’s Time Travel Killing

1 Scene Looper completely changes the logic of the movie’s Time Travel Killing


  • Killing Old Joe’s wife in the future proves that killing is still possible despite “tagging techniques” that make it nearly impossible to dispose of bodies.
  • Criminals in the future could have killed their targets before turning them into Loopers, potentially reducing the work the Loopers had to do.
  • Failing to preemptively kill the older versions of Seth and Joe leaves much to chance, as their ability to escape breaks their loops.

There is a scene in 2012 Looper which contradicts its own rules for the future. The logic surrounding a certain aspect of the film’s canon seems airtight from the start, but there is a hole in the script’s lore. Rian Johnson’s sci-fi adventure is a whimsical affair that requires maximum concentration to keep pace with the plot. However, the writer/director forgot to consider one important factor when adding to his world.

Looper made Jason Gordon-Levitt look and sound like Bruce Willis so the two could play a temporary bounty hunter named Joe. Joe’s job is to kill returning criminals in the future and dispose of the corpses. However, the older version of Joe, played by Bruce Willis, is also sent to be killed by his younger self, but manages to escape. A dizzying chase ensues that profoundly affects the fate of both versions of the same man. until LooperThe ending and its rules are impressively written, the routine of the criminals in the future is a bit illogical.


10 behind-the-scenes facts about the creation of looper

Looper is a smart movie, but it’s even more impressive to watch once you learn about all the cool details that went into making it.

The murder of old man Joe’s wife proves that murder is possible in the future

Looper’s future villains aren’t as limited as they’re made out to be

Xu Qing as Old Joe's wife dead on the floor in Looper

Joe’s voice cracks Looper and contextualizes the criminal organization that exists 30 years into the future. Time travel Looper not invented in Young Joe’s gift. However, the technology has already been introduced and is illegal in the future and is only used by criminals. Gordon-Levitt’s character says it is, “almost impossible to dispose of a body in the futurefor a vaguely described reason,labeling techniques and what notTargets return alive, so the implication is that killing presents similar challenges. Old Joe’s wife is killed in the future, proving that murder is still very much possible.

Old Joe’s wife is played by Xu Qing in
but her character is never given a name.

Old Joe’s wife is shot by the same criminal organization that sends the Loopers back in time to be killed by their younger selves with their outlaw time technology. While “labeling techniques“It may prevent the disposal of bodies in the future, it seems that the same barrier is not present when it comes to ending a life. As such, the question arises why the same people who return the targets? do not kill first.

They could in the future have killed their targets and sent the bodies to the loopers for disposal

Loopers could have less work to do

Loopers have two responsibilities. The first is to kill every target that reaches the present, and the second is to then dispose of the troops. That way, the targets in question from the future just fall off the map. However, killing Old Joe’s wife proves that targets may actually already be dead when they return to Loopers. This would only require the Loopers to dispose of the bodies instead of also committing murders, which would logically mean that the criminals would have to pay them less.


Looper’s biggest mystery is still unsolved 12 years later

Rian Johnson’s Looper creates a detailed world in a relatively short amount of time, but one aspect of the film’s canon was never properly addressed.

Most LooperIts plot is set in motion by Seth and Joey’s failure to close their relationship. The broken efforts are caused by the existence of their older selves when they come from the future, making them able to catch their young selves off balance and escape. If they had been shot dead in advance, as they did with Old Joe’s wife, then their nooses would be pre-closed upon arrival. While it could be argued that there is a certain spectacle to having one Looper kill their older selves, this also leaves much to chance.

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September 28, 2012

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