10 Darwyn Cooke Art Pieces That Prove He Was Born To Draw Justice League

10 Darwyn Cooke Art Pieces That Prove He Was Born To Draw Justice League


  • Darwyn Cooke’s art captured the spirit and bond of the Teen Titans in a variant cover for Teen Titans #5, showcasing their energy and teamwork.
  • Cooke’s playful sense of humor shines through in his cover for Ambush Bug: Year None #7, where the hero leaves Batman slipping on a banana peel.
  • Cooke’s artwork in DC: The New Frontier #1 beautifully depicts the dynamic battle between Batman and Superman, showing the amazing energy and intensity of their eternal conflict.

Comic creator Darwyn Cooke’s work with Justice League and the DC Universe is considered legendary by many. The artist created hundreds of amazing and iconic pieces of art, many of which highlighted members of DC Comics’ core team of heroes.

It’s been nearly ten years since Darwyn Cooke passed away, and the works he left behind continue to inspire comic book fans everywhere. Cooke was praised for his unique style and the way he drew characters such as Superman, Wonder Woman and the Flash. While it’s hard to pick just a few of Cooke’s amazing works, the list below takes a look at some of Cooke’s best works that show how well his art captured Justice League.

10 Future members of the Justice League read on a cover

Teen Titans #5 (2014)

Teen Titans 5 Cover Darwyn Cooke DC

It would be a while before the founding members of the Teen Titans’ Fab Five would grow up to join the ranks of the Justice League. But Cooke showed their spirit and connection with each other with his variant for Teen Titans #5. Robin, Wonder Girl, Speedy, Aqualad and Kid Flash all play their hearts out to the cheers of the fans. This image is filled with energy and captures the bond these heroes shared with each other. Maybe they didn’t have a rock band, but this image is stunning portrays the kind of teamwork that the Teen Titans are known for.

9 Cooke’s sense of humor came though with Ambush Bug

Ambush Bug: Year None #7 (2009)

Ambush Bug Year None DC Cooke

Ambush Bug is not the kind of hero one would expect to associate with the Justice League in any kind of capacity. But DC’s Deadpool appears on Cooke’s cover Ambush Bug: Year None #7. The green-suited hero is eating a banana as he walks away from Batman, who has just taken a spill on the peel he left behind. Cooke’s work is playful here, whether it’s the League having a laugh at Batman’s expenseBug walking away unceremoniously, or the Dark Knight staring daggers at the person who just made him look like a fool.

8 The fight with Superman and Batman is an eternal battle

DC: The New Frontier #1 (2004)

Batman Superman Fight New Frontier Cooke DC

Batman and Superman may be allies, but the image of them fighting is one that many artists have taken a crack at over the years. Cooke tried his hand at the Man of Steel battling the Dark Knight on the back cover of DC: The New Frontier #1. Superman stands over Batman, who he has punched to the ground. But the Caped Crusader has some bombs ready to fight back. This piece has an amazing energy to it and it shows brilliantly how dynamic would a fight between batman and superman be.

7 Batman’s visitors come to life in a work of art

Batman #37 (2014)

Batman 37 Darwyn Cooke DC cover

They say a hero is only as good as their villains. But few heroes have such an amazing rogues gallery as Batman, and Cooke proves it with his take on Batman #37. This image comes from several generations of Batman lore and shows the Dark Knight facing off against a host of his worst and most memorable antagonists ever. The use of red in this image adds a special layer of intimidation, as does the manipulation of size. Cooke’s variant shows how much of an uphill battle Batman faces trying to keep Gotham safe from the villains in his city.

6 The Green Lantern Corps showcased Cooke’s amazing designs

Green Lantern Corps #37 (2014)

Green Lantern Corps 37 Darwyn Cooke Cover DC

A good artist always has some variety in his style. While Justice League offers some unique characters, they pale in comparison to the Green Lantern Corps, which Cooke beautifully illustrates in his variant on Green Lantern Corps #37. Not only does the piece put some of the best Lanterns front and center, but Cooke shows a wonderful diversity with members of all shapes and sizes from the bird-like Tomar-Tu to the polygonal Chaselon. Not to mention the greens in this artwork are stellar and show how impressive the Green Lanterns really are.

5 Flash Variant Redid a Classic Cover Perfectly

Flash #7 (2010)

Flash Variant 7 Cooke DC

It’s not uncommon for artists to pay homage to older covers by redoing them and putting their own spin on them. ABOUT Flash #7, Dawryn Cooke modeled his art after the cover for The Flash #139, the story that introduced Barry Allen’s nemesis Reverse-Flash. Not only did Cooke recreate the cover perfectly, but his unique style shines through. Between softer colors and perfect speed trails, Cooke gives the old artwork a nice update without losing anything that made the original Flash #139 such an iconic cover.

4 Superman’s heroism has never been better displayed than in a variant

Action Comics #37 (2014)

Action Comics 37 Cover by Darwyn Cooke DC

What other hero embodies heroism better than Superman who Darwyn Cooke beautifully portrays in the variant for Action Comics #37? This part shows the Man of Steel after saving a young man from being hit by a train. Cooke brilliantly captures both the boy’s surprise and Superman’s delight at another good day’s work. It’s easy to show how great Superman is when fighting an alien invader or a multiversal threat. But it takes real talent for it show how confident and awesome Superman is when they save people in need.

3 Cooke’s Justice League Shines The Absolute New Frontier

Absolute DC: The New Frontier (2006)

New Frontier Absolute Edition DC

DC: The New Frontier captured the hearts of DC Comics fans everywhere, and Darwyn Cooke’s art played no small part in that. The cover of the Absolute edition of the miniseries is a clean group shot of the old Justice League. While A-Listers like Wonder Woman and the Flash take center stage on the front, the wraparound cover also includes heroes like Hourman, Adam Strange and the Challengers of the Unknown. there is no a Justice League hero who doesn’t seem well drawn in Cooke’s charming and identifiable style.

2 The Trinity looked perfect in an amazing picture

Justice League: The New Frontier Special #1 (2008)

Cooke New Frontier Trinity DC

The core of the Justice League has always been, and always will be, the Trinity: Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman close out the short story “Fight to the Finish” from Justice League: The New Frontier Special #1. A fight between the world’s best is decided by Diana and the three pose triumphantly together. Cooke acknowledges that these three heroes are the pillars on which the DC Universe stands, and this page perfectly captures the indomitable spirit of every DC hero.

1 Cooke’s Modern Justice League was absolutely perfect

Justice League #37 (2014)

Justice League 37 Cover by Darwyn Cooke DC

Cooke has done many amazing pieces of the Justice League and its various heroes. But nothing shows how he intended to attract the team more than his variant Justice League #37. Like The New Frontier, it features the biggest stars of the DC Universe, but with a more modern flair compared to its iconic story. Every hero on this cover looks positively amazing and you can’t look at this photo without feeling the power of this legendary team. If there is an example of how well Cooke drew Justice Leaguethis is.

Darwyn Cooke is a comic book legend whose incredible talent is still missed by fans to this day. But he left an amazing body of work behind that shows he was one of the best creators fit to bring Justice League for life.

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