10 Purrfect Cat Travel Accessories for Your RV Lifestyle

The cat road is getting more popular thanks to these top cat travel accessories that are perfect for your next camping trip.

Dogs are not always your best friend. Sometimes it’s your cat!

And no matter what breed your furry best friend is, you should be able to take him or her along with you on your next road trip.

Traveling with a cat comes with some added challenges, but it’s nothing you can’t handle, especially if you’re prepared with the right cat travel accessories.

The following lists are must-have items to help keep your kitty comfortable and safe on your next road trip!

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During a recent RV lifestyle gathering (this one was in Elkhart IN) we interviewed several RVers who travel with their cats – and in one case – MANY cats – and how it all works out with their version of the RV lifestyle . Enjoy the bonus video!

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Back to Cat’s 10 Travel Accessories for the RV Lifestyle

The following ten items are must-haves in your RV lifestyle when you take your kitty on the road. All of these cat travel accessories should make your RV trip more enjoyable for you and your cat.

1. Cat carrier

When traveling with any pets, it is important to keep them safe while on the road. Not only does it keep them safe, but it also keeps you safer. A crazy cat jumping on your lap can be dangerous in more ways than one!

Keeping your cat in a carrier can also ensure that your pet is safely stored once you reach your destination. That way, you can focus on setting up your camper without having to worry about your kitty being trapped inside or being rolled out.

2. Tent Portable Cat

Another accessory that is perfect for your RV lifestyle is a portable cat tent. A cat tent is a mesh enclosure that you can set up while camping to keep your kitty in while you let them enjoy the outdoors.

When you travel to new places, your cat may wander off and get lost. This tent allows him to still enjoy the outdoors, but stay safe by your side.

3. Portable cat litter box

There is no way around it. You need a litter box when traveling with a cat!

This portable litter box zips up for easy travel in any RV. When you reach your next destination, you can simply unlock it to open it again. Plus, it’s easier to carry and pull out to dispose of (responsibly) and clean as needed.

4. Cat litter that masks the smell

No matter what size your RV is, it’s still a relatively small and confined space. That means you want a great odor-controlling cat litter to mask any unpleasantness in the bathroom coming from your furry friend.

It’s also great if your cat litter is the dusty kind. This can help keep your RV cleaner and smelling fresh!

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5. Cat harness and leash

Another great pet accessory to take with you on your next road trip is a cat harness and leash. This allows you to walk your kitty outside safely while preventing her from running away.

It may take some getting used to for your cat, but once it does, this may become your favorite accessory. Some people even take kittens with them on short hikes!

6. Spill proof food and water cups

10 Cat Purrfect Travel Accessories for Your RV Lifestyle 2

Another essential item when traveling with your cat is a spill-proof food and water bowl. When you leave your RV, you don’t want to worry about your pet knocking over their food or water.

It will put your mind at ease knowing that your cat has access to food and water throughout the day. That, and knowing that spilled water isn’t soaking into your RV floor!

7. Air-tight food storage containers

When you are out in nature, there are many living things. From insects to squirrels, there’s no shortage of critters that would love to eat your cat’s food.

Keeping food in an airtight container keeps it fresher for your cat and hides the scent for tracking unwanted critters.

8. Automatic laser cat toy

Say you want to go out for the day. Maybe you want to explore a new city or go hiking. What if your cat gets bored?

A great solution to this problem is to get an automatic laser cat toy. It lights up periodically throughout the day to keep your cat entertained for hours.

There are many different types of automatic laser toys out there. I like the hanging one for your RV because it can be mounted from the ceiling. With limited space in an RV, the last thing you want is another item taking up precious real estate on your floor, table or counter.

9. Travel the Cat House in/out

Cats love to be indoors. This makes them feel safe and secure. This is why it might be a good idea to get a collapsible cat house.

The one I’ve included here is multi-level, giving your cat a better view of the surroundings. You can also add a cat tunnel to it, which I think is pretty neat.

10. Combination of cat window perch and scratcher

Cats love to look outside. They watch wildlife and people and want to catch the sun when they can.

If you have the space for it, your cat would love a small window perch and a small scratching post.

Your cat can sit by the window and scratch if the need arises.

The good news is that the post and pole don’t take up much space. It attaches directly to the window with suction cups so it can be kept out of the way.

What are your favorite cat travel accessories?

If your travel companion is a cat, we’d love to hear what cat travel accessories you use. Please share your recommendations in the comments below. And Bo sure loves to support cats – so we’ve added all the products in this post to Bo’s Favorites – RV Lifestyle Pet Supplies Amazon list!

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10 Cat Purrfect Travel Accessories for Your RV Lifestyle 3

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