12 pearlescent skin makeup products to try this spring’s trend

Alert for the new beauty trend! Pearly skin makeup has recently taken over my FYP and is giving life to the heavenly angel. This stunning makeup method is all about enhancing your skin’s natural glow and accentuating your features with blush and highlighter. If you want a makeup look that oozes radiant goddess energy, pearlescent skin makeup is where it’s at.

Pearl skin makeup is great dew, so there’s no need for any matte products, lots of contour or tons of setting powder. Prepping your face is a key step to achieving this look, so use your favorite creamy lotion as a base, or better yet, L’Oreal’s Glotion. Use as many glow-enhancing skin products as you want to prep. The more hydrated and glowing your skin looks, the better!

Next, apply your usual foundation. You can also use a CC cream if you want a more natural look. The most important step is applying a highlighter to the high points of your cheekbones and a dewy blush. Finish with a glossy lip oil and you’re officially luminescent.


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But wait… you’re probably wondering “What are the best products to get the pearly skin makeup look?” Don’t worry, I got you. Here are 12 products that are sure to leave your skin shines. This is not good for my online shopping addiction.

Available in five shades, this Glotion is the perfect makeup base for pearly skin. It leaves your skin lightly tanned and extra shiny. It’s lightweight and can also be used all over the body, not just the face. I’m obsessed.

Armani Beauty’s highlighter doubles as a blush, illuminating, AND bronzer. It’s a three-in-one baby! The sheer shine enhancer is sheer, buildable, long-wearing and also available in five shades.

Hailey Bieber’s rhode collection never disappoints. Its emollient milk promotes hydration, reduces redness over time and helps soothe irritated skin. It’s literally made to make your skin glow with hydration.

This fast-absorbing gel serum hydrates and softens your skin, leaving your face looking ultra-polished. You can even mix Rod’s liquid polish with your favorite base. My eczema is throbbing.

Glossier’s Futuredew is all about the look of glowing skin. It’s made with plant-based extracts that are known to “visibly increase shine.” You can wear it alone, mix it with sunscreen or makeup, or just use it as a highlighter. An iconic product.

Pearly skin makeup requires a bright blush. Saie’s Dew Blush literally has “dew” in its name. With nine shades to choose from, you’re sure to find one that matches your vibe. It has a super creamy formula and is dermatologist tested for sensitive skin.

This liquid highlighter is amazing. Expertly highlight your cheekbones and browbones with Benefit Cosmetics High Radiance Highlighter. It gives subtle, but shiny at the same time. I need this now.

We’ve got another illuminating highlighter to add to your pearly skin beauty collection! Selena Gomez’s makeup brand is known for showing off, and this liquid highlighter is proof of that. Rare Beauty’s website even says this product is made with “light-reflecting pearl particles.” You know what could be more effective in achieving pearly complexion than that?

Did I mention that Rare Beauty just dropped their new blush and highlighter combo on March 28th? It’s literally perfect for the pearlescent skin trend. Thank you SelGo!

If you want a gel-cream highlighter instead of a liquid one, try the On-The-Glow Super Glow Highlighter Stick. Bonus: it’s infused with aloe vera and fruit extracts to soothe and nourish skin while serving up a pearly glow.

If we’re wearing glossy makeup, our lips can’t be crusty! Try ColourPop’s Lux Lip Oil for dewy, glossy lips. This product is non-sticky and can be layered over lipstick or worn alone – it’s great either way.

umm…honey-infused lip balm? Register now. Gisou Lip Oil is made with Mirsalehi honey and bee garden oils to nourish your lips. I don’t even know what bee garden oils are, but I need this high shine lip oil ASAP.

BRB, filling my cart with all of these. Pearl skin, your era is now.

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