15 celebrities take their photos with Super Bowl 2024 predictions

15 celebrities take their photos with Super Bowl 2024 predictions

Super Bowl 2024 Celebrity Predictions


Mario Andretti, Mark Cuban, Cyndi Lauper, Jack Nicklaus

Like much of the NFL world outside the Bay Area, motorsports legend Mario Andretti was rooting for the Detroit Lions to reach their first Super Bowl in 2024.

Also, like much of the NFL world, Andretti had some words for Lions coach Dan Campbell after blowing a 17-point lead and some risky fourth-down decisions in Detroit’s 34-31 championship loss NFC.

“I would love to see the Lions go,” Andretti told Heavy. “I like Coach Campbell, but he really failed.”

Instead, the San Francisco 49ers advanced to the 2024 Super Bowl and will face the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, February 11.

Andretti was one of several celebrities surveyed by Heavy Sports for their Super Bowl 2024 predictions. Andretti is a veteran of this prediction column and is the only star to have ever predicted correctly in 15 years, doing so in 2012. As for this year:

“I’m going with the Chiefs, 28-24. It’s hard to go against Mahomes, and Andy Reid is pretty cool. I like both quarterbacks. Brock Purdy is cool as a cucumber and has a quiet confidence. You can see it in his eyes. I really like him. I would like to see both teams win. That’s hard to predict.”

Golf legend Jack Nicklaus also likes the bosses

Legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus is another star who has graciously provided his predictions over the years. Like Andretti, he believes this is a tough one to call, and he also sees a close win in Kansas City.

“At first I was thinking 24-21 Kansas City because, while both teams have decent offenses, I’m not sure these defenses are going to give up many explosive plays,” Nicklaus said. “But then I changed my mind and went 27-24.

“I’m an AFC fan – always have been – but I like the 49ers and I think they’re very good. I love John Lynch’s leadership. I think Brock Purdy has done a really nice job and has some really nice guns. But Mahomes is just a tough guy to bet against. Make it Mahomes, Kelce and Swift.”

Only 2 celebrities chose the 49ers

Heavy’s AI-powered projection model likes San Francisco as a 5-point favorite, with a 66% probability of winning, as of Thursday, February 8.

But while Heavy’s model — and all major sports books — like the Niners, most of the celebrities surveyed don’t.

Here are the predictions from the remaining celebrities we polled:

FRED LYNN (Nine-time MLB All-Star): “Hard to call this year. Both teams can score and have shown they can come back to win. Nod goes to KC because of their defense. They can shut down wide receivers. CHIEFS 27, 49ERS 24.”

MARK CUBAN (Entrepreneur): “I got the bosses. Mahomes is rolling. I think the Chiefs defense is good enough to get the stops they need.” CHAIRMAN 42, 49 YEARS 27.

CORBIN BERNSEN (Actor/Director): “It will be close, but the move to REPEAT always trumps the move to SPOIL. Love over Hate. Oh, most of the notes will come in Q2. Q3 will be a snoozer and Q4 rushing for another field goal will make it exciting. Just saying.” SHIEFS 27, 49 ERS 24.

XAVIER MCDANIEL (Former NBA Star): “I’m a Cowboys fan. I’m rooting for Kansas City, and the reason is because the Cowboys have five Super Bowls and I don’t want San Francisco to get six. It’s a selfish thing for me.” CHIEF 31, 49 YEARS 24.

BRAD JOHNSON (Super Bowl 37 Winning Quarterback): Kyle Shanahan will finally win. 49 Age 30, CHAIRMAN 28.

We don’t win our first Super Bowl if it wasn’t @Brad_Johnson_14 under center.

-Make great plays by having the 3rd best passer rating and INT% in the NFL

-played through multiple debilitating injuries, including the entire postseason with torn vertebrae.

DERRICK LEVASSEUR (“Big Brother” icon): “The game will be tight at the end, but if the 49ers start slow like they did against the Lions, Mahomes and this offense won’t let them get back into the game.” CHIEF 28, 49 YEARS 21.

ANTHONY HILL (Actor, “Grey’s Anatomy”): “Our weapons on offense, defense and special teams are finally clicking together as a unit. And rest assured that some of Mahomes’ magic will be on display in Vegas. Never count the number 15.” SHIEFS 27, 49 ERS 24.

DAN JANSEN (Olympic gold medal speed skater): “I’ll try San Francisco. The teams are pretty evenly matched, so I don’t see a clear favorite.” 49 ERS 24, CHIEFS 23.

C THOMAS HOWELL (Actor / Musician): “Chiefs of three. Don’t bet against Taylor Swift.” CHAIRMAN 30, 49 YEARS 27.

CYNDI LAUPER (Music): “I predict a Chiefs win. Patrick Mahomes is one of the greatest athletes to ever play in all of professional sports. He is a phenomenon. Plus, you have the Taylor Swift effect. The Taylor Swift effect is real! The Chiefs will win.” NO POINTS GIVEN.

Cyndi Lauper – If I Could Turn Back Time (Cher’s Heidi) 2018 Kennedy Center Honors

JERRY MATHERS (Actor): “Even though I’m a California guy, I’m not going to bet against Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. I think they beat the Niners.” SHIEFS 27, 49 ERS 24.

JOHN LEHR (Comedian/Actor): “This year’s Super Bowl is very difficult for me. After 50 years of losing, my Chiefs are now the most hated team in the NFL because they are an unstoppable cheater. At 58 years old, I took great pride in rooting for a team that never won. I showed my kids that I’m a true fan no matter what. Now I’m not sure who I am anymore. That said, I’ll take the Chiefs finishing with a superhuman, game-winning drive by Patrick Mahomes, who should be a robot. CHAIRMAN 37, 49 YEARS 31.

BRUCE PERREAULT (“Survivor 45”): “I’m going to make a hate prediction about the Super Bowl. I think the Chiefs will win. Booooo. Hahahaha.” CHIEF 28, 49 YEARS 21.

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