2024 Proves Jason Statham’s 6 Million Action Movie Franchise Must Return

2024 Proves Jason Statham’s $256 Million Action Movie Franchise Must Return


  • Jason Statham’s latest film, The Beekeeper, has proven that he is still a huge action star, grossing over $133 million worldwide.
  • Statham’s success with “The Beekeeper” has also led to a resurgence in the popularity of his older films, such as “Transporter 2,” which climbed to no. #2 on Netflix’s Top 10 Movies.
  • Director Louis Leterrier, who worked with Statham on “Transporter 2” and the latest “Fast & Furious” film, is open to making a new “Transporter” sequel with Statham, hinting at a possible return to the franchise.

Jason StathamHis success in 2024 makes a strong case for bringing him back for another sequel to one of the earliest action franchises of his career. Statham is one of the last bona fide movie stars who can draw crowds to theaters based on their star power alone. For the past two decades, Statham has been one of Hollywood’s most reliable action stars. His movies can’t be counted on to obey the laws of physics, but they can be counted on for two hours of thrilling, high-octane entertainment.

In recent years, Statham has been called upon to take over EXPENCES AND Speed ​​& Madness franchises from their current stars. But the critical and commercial failure of those efforts has proven that Statham’s best bet is to stick with his franchises. He is the owner of such action film franchises as maneuvers, mechanicalAND Meg series, and found quite a bit of success in its own right. Statham’s recent box office win and the surprising success of one of his older films on Netflix suggests he should return to one of his earliest franchises.

The box office bees prove that Jason Statham is still a huge action movie star

Statham’s latest action movie with the lead car, beekeeperhas been a huge hit at the box office, grossing more than $133 million worldwide (via Box Office Mojo) with a modest budget of $40 million. beekeeper sees a former mercenary return to action for revenge when his friend and landlady fall victim to a phishing scam. beekeeper IS currently the highest grossing film of 2024. It certainly won’t hold that record once Dune: Part Two, Deadpool & WolverineAND Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes come all, but it’s an impressive feat nonetheless.

The success of beekeeper has provided definitive proof that Statham is still a major action star with an A-list spot. He’s managed to outperform star-studded IP-based fare For Argy AND Mean girls, proving that Statham is a franchise unto himself. Unlike many of his peers in the action genre, Statham is still in his prime, at the height of his star power. beekeeper could become a franchise in its own right, and in the meantime, it could turn into one of its older franchises that begs to be revisited.

was directed by David Ayer and written by Kurt Wimmer.

The Transporter movies have found new life on air

Jason Statham as Frank Martin standing in front of a school bus in Transporter 2.

The success of beekeeper it seems there is led to a resurgence in popularity of Statham’s back catalogue. Its 2005 action thriller sequel Carrier 2 has managed to climb into the top 10 streaming chart on Netflix. In the week from January 8 to January 14 – the week that beekeeper arrived in theaters and bolstered Statham’s star power – Carrier 2 reached no. Second place in the top 10 Netflix movies, right behind the new Netflix original Removing. Carrier 2 scored 5.8 million views in that week alone.

It is clear that after watching beekeepermany viewers were hungry for more Statham action, which made them watch Carrier 2 on Netflix. Since from carrier franchise has found new life on air and audiences still seem to respond to Statham’s Frank Martin character, it may be time for Statham to revisit the role in a new carrier continuation. Last entry in the series – 2015 The carrier was refueled – made the mistake of trying to replace Statham. The producers need to take another shot Carrier 4 with the actor who made the franchise a hit in the first place.

Even the Transporter director is ready for more Jason Statham sequels

Jason Statham in a gunfight in Transporter 2

Director Louis Leterrier, who directed Carrier 2said that he is open to returning to the franchise for another movie with Statham. Leterrier recently reunited with Statham when the former directed the latter Speed ​​& Madness continuation, X fast, and the latter reprized his role as Deckard Shaw. During the press tour for X fastLeterrier said he would be open to doing so Carrier 4 with Statham. Leterrier said that working with Statham again X fast was “a real pleasure,” and that joining him for a new one carrier movie”it would be a dream.

In the same interview, Leterrier said that very little had changed in their working relationship in all these years, so they could pick up where they left off. Statham declined the opportunity to appear The carrier was refueled for business reasons, not creative reasons, so there’s a chance he’d be open to coming back for another carrier film. Maybe a new one Jason Statham– starring carrier the movie will be picked up eventually, and the fanbase can collectively forget about it The carrier was refueled ever happened.

Source: Box Office Mojo

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