3 Nanotech Stocks That Can Grow As Technology Advances

nanotechnology stocks - 3 nanotechnology stocks that can grow as technology advances

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A rapidly growing field, nanotechnology deals with the manipulation of matter at the atomic and molecular scale. This allows the creation of materials and technological applications beyond the size of standard microelectronics or chemical structures. Several companies are currently pursuing projects that define them as nanotechnology stocks.

Of note to investors, forecasts for the global nanotechnology market see it reach $38.23 billion by 2032, with a CAGR of 14.4% over the forecast period. Currently there are several growth factors such as increased investment in research and development and increasing demand for new products. Additionally, the growing interest in nanotechnology as an alternative to traditional chemical practices has many investors wondering if nanotechnology is the next big thing.

The technology currently has a wide range of applications in a variety of industries, including medicine, electronics, energy and consumer goods. As such, nanotechnology can revolutionize many sectors of the economy and provide tremendous benefits to investors.

Thermofisher Scientific (TMO)

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As one of the most successful biotechnology companies, Thermofisher Scientific (NYSE:TMO) possesses great potential to explore the nanotechnology sector. With several inventions that have revolutionized the way molecular science is developed, TMO has experienced a unique level of success.

Currently, the company conducts research on nanoparticles, using transmission electron microscopy to study the delivery of next-generation drugs and vaccines. Using these evaluation techniques, TMO visualizes scale images in chemical data at the nanometer and sub-nanometer size.

For investors, TMO’s strong performance in the latter half of 2023 has set it on a new trajectory. That success could continue to grow as the company explores nanotechnology ventures in 2024. Although the stock price is high and it may seem like TMO doesn’t have much room to grow, keeping an eye on its progress of nanotechnology may be the key to important returns.

International Business Machines (IBM)

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International Business Machines (NYSE:IBM) has been in the technology miniaturization game since the 1980s. The company’s approach as a research-first business has resulted in it continually investing in the projects of high-profile scientists such as Donald Eigler and Gerd Binning. However, the story doesn’t stop there, with IBM being one of the first companies to develop a scanning tunneling microscope.

In the decades since this invention, IBM’s understanding of nanotechnology has allowed it to flourish in other technologies and research. Currently, IBM is focusing on research into nanostructures and other nanoscale applications for its medical technologies.

Additionally, IBM’s dominance in computing technologies means it has some of the most advanced methods for evaluating nano data in determining product viability and feasibility for the future. For investors interested in taking advantage of nanotechnology stocks, IBM might just be one of the safest ways to go.

DuPont De Nemours (DD)

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As ubiquitous as it is controversial, DuPont De Nemours(NYSE:DD) contribution to the world of nanoparticles and technology cannot be underestimated. From its invention of Teflon to endless other particles for industrial applications, the company has seen consistent performance historically.

However, as a nanotechnology company, DD may have the deepest pockets of all the nanotechnology stocks currently entering the space. Its decades of chemical expertise also means that its industrially applied nanoparticles are more likely to succeed than its competitors. Such a legacy has kept DD for more than 200 years one of America’s most valuable chemical companies.

Of course, all these projects in the works can only succeed if Dupont learns from its mistakes. Whether or not the company will change its ways remains to be seen, but from a nanotech perspective, the ventures have potential. For investors, DD remains a stock worth keeping an eye on if interested in sustainable, long-term portfolio growth.

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