5 Best Limited Time Deals at Sam’s Club Right Now

5 Best Limited Time Deals at Sam’s Club Right Now

I include Sam’s Club membership as part of my budget because paying that fee actually saves me money in the long run. Not only do I save on everyday essentials, but I also purchase the occasional limited-time offer during one of Sam’s Clubs’ regular sales cycles.

These extra sales can apply to both member-branded items and branded items. Here are some interesting picks from the current sales cycle.

1. Member’s Mark 8-Piece Fliplock Pantry Storage Rack

Deal: $6 off

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Some residents’ unfortunate discovery of rodent belief in my home encouraged us to rethink our pantry, and now everything is in containers of some kind. While it was a pain, it turns out that having all of our products neatly displayed in matching containers is actually significantly better than the haphazard assortment of boxes and bags we had before.

People considering the same thing might want to check out Member’s Mark 8-Piece Fliplock Pantry Container Set, which is on sale for $6 off through February 25, 2024. You get four rectangular and four square containers — more lids; none of this nonsense count the lid as one piece: sizes ranging from 1.9 cups to 15 cups, so it can hold everything from snacks to pasta.

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Not only are these containers super affordable (especially on sale), but they also seem like good quality. More than 4,500 reviewers gave them 4.7 stars (out of 5).

2. Tramontina 13-gallon trash can

Deal: $10 off

It may seem silly, but one of the best splurges we ever made in the kitchen was a high-quality garbage can. It’s honestly changed my life in the sense that I haven’t cursed or felt disgusted by my garbage can in years.

All this to say, it’s worth paying a little more for a good garbage can.

The Tramontina 13-gallon trash can, currently $10 off, is still a bit more expensive than Walmart’s regular plastic trash can. However, it is made of durable stainless steel, has a soft-close lid, and comes with a removable container for easy cleaning. Reviewers seem to like it too, giving it a whopping 4.7 stars out of over 3,000 ratings.

3. Laundry detergent

Deal: Up to $6 off

One of the seven signs of adulthood is probably having a strong opinion about the right way to do laundry. (Dryer balls or busts!) And that includes choosing the brand of ride-or-die laundry detergent.

Luckily, no matter what brand you love, you can probably get a great deal at Sam’s Club any time — and an even better deal now. Most of the usual suspects are on sale (until February 25, 2024), including Tide, All, Gain, and Persil. For example, you can purchase my favorite Mighty Pacs Laundry Detergent (120 ct.) for just $20.98, which works out to a cool $0.17 per load!

4. Aspirators

Deal: Up to $170 off

If you’re already planning your spring cleaning and want to get started with a new vacuum cleaner, Sam’s Club is definitely worth checking out. The wholesale club has a wide variety of vacuum cleaner options, from upright to upright up to self-draining robots, all at very competitive prices.

Even before sales hit, Sam’s Club’s small appliances are generally equal to or better than other retailers. Once you add these limited-time discounts — I’m seeing offers up to $170 off — you’ll likely come in well below the competition.

You also get the full brunt of Sam’s Club’s generous return policy, which the website summarizes as “Return this item for a full refund or replacement at any time.”

5. Ski pants

Deal: $4.17 off

Considering how durable snow can seem, it can sometimes be easy to forget an important fact: snow is made of water. And when you walk, play or fall in the snow, you will get wet.

Waterproof ski pants aren’t just for hitting the slopes; they can also keep you dry while shoveling, hiking, or just walking the dog. If you’re not training for the Winter Olympics, a pair of expensive ski pants purchased at a sporting goods store is probably not worth the investment. But a pair of affordable Free Country ski pants from Sam’s Club might be just the thing to ward off the winter wetness.

These pants are a steal at their regular price and downright cheap at retail price. The quality also seems to be decent for the price, with reviewers giving the women’s pants 4 stars and the men’s pants 4.4 stars.

Offers all year round of all types

Sam’s Club offers tons of great deals all the time, so it’s worth taking the time to check the sales flyer every month. From time to time, the wholesaler also conducts flash sales and wake-up calls, so keep your eyes peeled even between regular sales cycles.

If you really want to make sure you know about every offer, sign up for email updates (you can do this at the bottom of almost every page on samsclub.com). Your finances will appreciate the big savings.

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