5 Fun B-Movies You Should Stream This Weekend

By Julie Montana

Admit it, there’s something so good about kicking your feet up on the couch, turning off your brain, and watching a weird, mindless movie with dodgy CGI, incredible acting, and just the odd bit of horror. Sure, Oscar bait has its place, but B-Movies are really where the real fun is.

In the great tradition of Sharknado, Sharknado 2, Sharknado 3, Ghost Shark, RoboSharkAND 5-headed shark attack (okay, there are a lot of shark movies), the features of the hidden creatures have captured our collective imaginations for years. Whether its post-ironic delight or just silly fun, movies that know they’re not perfect are some of the most beautiful works of art.

To celebrate the artistry of B-Movies (and give you the perfect excuse to chill on the couch for a while) we’ve rounded up some of the best non-shark movies you can watch stream now on Peacock.

Bermuda tentacles (2014)

It all begins when Air Force One explodes (literally) mid-flight over the Bermuda Triangle, sending President John Savage into the watery depths. The military springs into action, chasing his escape pod into the most unlucky area of ​​the ocean. But before they can escape, the giant tentacles begin attacking the aircraft carriers. Through a high-tech submarine, some epic heroics and a bit of defiance, our cast discovers that this menace is more than your average marine kaiju.

This movie is a rollercoaster that doesn’t stop the second you press play. Just when you think it’s going to zig, they hit you with a hollow, twisting, flipping and barrel roll so fast you can’t even process what just happened. Radical, high-energy and just plain funny, it’s a fantastic popcorn flick that keeps your attention the entire ride.

Birds of Terror (2016)

When Maddy Stern’s extraordinary birdwatching father disappears, she recruits her friends to take an expedition into the Florida desert. As they walk through the swamps and backwater vines, they find his phone ringing inside an unmarked but heavily guarded facility. They break through – of course – and encounter feathered enemies straight out Jurassic World. What follows is a series of daring escapes, crazy kills and even an explosion or two to complete the monster movie trifecta.

If you’re looking for some good old fashioned rock (with some absolutely insane kills) Birds of Terror it might just be the choice for you. It has all the good tropes (like a bad family girl, a money-hungry villain who doesn’t listen to scientists, and more) wrapped up in a prehistoric creature character arc.

Fighting dogs (2013)

If only airport security could be tightened, Fighting dogs adds a werewolf blast and military intervention to spice it all up. A wildlife photographer returns from her travels with more than just a few great photos (and a hideous tattoo that looks like it was just Sharpie’d). She unwittingly creates an outbreak of bloodthirsty, ruthless, werewolf hybrids that ultimately puts the fate of the entire city of New York in jeopardy. But in classic corrupt style, Allstate’s son (Dennis Haysbert) plays a military officer who tries to harness their power to create a new breed of supersoldiers.

As far as sticky movies go, the wolf angle coupled with the military commentary makes for a unique watch with a lot of love. They swing for the fences when it comes to special effects, and while they can sometimes get off (eg using holograms instead of security camera footage for no reason), when it works it’s pretty magical.

Big foot (2012)

You know that iconic image of King Kong swinging from the Empire State Building? I raise you a monstrously large Sasquatch clambering up Mount Rushmore to escape the clutches of a greedy hunter looking to stuff its carcass and turn it into a tourist attraction. Awakened by a small rock festival where Alice Cooper appears to be the only act, Bigfoot goes on a rampage through a small South Dakota town. Although many try to stop him, it seems that this primate is stronger (and much smarter) than the locals give him credit for.

If you are a fan of shows like Finding Bigfoot, you might think this movie is a completely inaccurate portrayal of the fuzzy-legged cryptid. But if you enjoy some high spectacle with absolutely insane kills, this might be your new favorite creature feature.

Pastor Veloci (2017)

A disillusioned priest travels to China in search of meaning in his life after his parents die in a car explosion right in front of him. While on a walk, he is infected by a raptor tooth that gives him the ability to transform into a velociraptor at a moment’s notice. After saving a prostitute from certain death, she shows him how to use his newfound power for good and helps him become the vigilante hero the town deserves. Oh, and there are ninjas hunting him too.

There is no way to describe this movie other than… unexpected. At first, you think you’re in one room– mess, but ends up turning the narrative around halfway through and you can’t tell if you’re laughing at or at the filmmakers. But honestly, even if you can’t tell, all you need to know is that this is one of the funnest movies ever. Grab some friends and get ready to experience your new favorite movie.

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