8 Fall 2022 Nail Art Trends That Serve Up Major Inspo

When it comes to fun ways to show off your style, nail art is hard to beat. Your nail beds are truly an art canvas that can display almost any design you can dream up (well, at least, depending on the skills of your nail technician). If you’re one to change your mani vibe with the seasons, then you’re probably wondering what nail art trends are poised to take over this fall. Spring and summer were all about disco-era florals and reverse French manicures (where the cuticle gets its color), but what’s next? To go along with your heeled boots, transitional skin care routine, and maybe even a more comfortable new hair color, Bustle asked a few nail artists for what they predict will be the hottest nail art trends. of fall 2022 nails.

A few hints to whet your appetite: Expect lots of gilded glamor with metallics and embellished 3D designs, and Brittney Boyce, celebrity nail artist and founder of Nails of LA, expects Barbiecore nails to get a makeover nice in autumn. Oh, and the nod to Y2K will still live on in the form of sticker-like labels like those millennials stuck to lockers and skateboards in the late 90s and early 2000s.

Before your next manicure appointment, scroll through eight fall nail art trends that are sure to inspire.


Cosmic patterns

Celebrity nail artist Sonya Belakhlef says all things celestial will be trending in fall 2022. Keep an eye out for crescent moons, stars and even flying saucers dazzling everyone’s nail beds – go with designs of flat or cool 3D renderings.


Metallic accents

Metallic polishes have been hot for a while, and nail art hobbyist Tessa Pierce doesn’t expect the nail art trend to go away anytime soon. Expect designs made in silver, gold, bronze and copper. It’s the perfect way to “add a touch of glamor to any look,” she notes.


Minimalist art

The Y2K-era extravagance is definitely having a moment, but for those who like their mani a little more subdued, Pierce says you’re in luck, because minimalist nail art will also be popular this fall. “Look for simple designs with bold contrasting colors,” she tells Bustle.


Adhesive decals

From bold, playful confetti styles to more sparse placements, Belakhlef says sticker-like paintings will be everywhere this fall. If you go the confetti route, they say, “You can customize it with different colored confetti or use a confetti topcoat like ORLY Kick Glass to mimic the effect.”


Donut glaze finishes

Boyce says fall will usher in the era of the glazed finish. Hailey Bieber (as you know) has introduced the “glazed donut” mulberry, and Boyce says the look will really take off in the coming months. “It’s a little ethereal and looks great on its own or over a French top in pastel shades,” she says.


3D ornaments

Belakhlef also hosts embellished, “Schiaparelli-inspired” nails and 3D designs to add plenty of texture to fall manis. “This look is really rich and lush, which we’ll be seeing more of this fall and likely beyond,” they note.



Chrome fused nails have been gaining popularity throughout the year, and Boyce and Belakhlef expect it to take off completely for fall 2022. “It could be chrome beads, diamond plating, or chrome French tips. The possibilities are endless,” says Boyce. Some designs may even lean toward that cosmic, futuristic vibe, Belakhlef adds. Whatever you choose, a chrome mani is guaranteed to turn heads.


Psychedelic Barbiecore

The next iteration of the Barbiecore movement will be more fun and psychedelic, predicts Boyce. “Think tie-dye or marble combinations with bright hues and 3D looks with neon colors,” she explains.

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