8 ready-made changes to a player’s book that make the continuation of the movie much more complicated

8 ready-made changes to a player’s book that make the continuation of the movie much more complicated


  • Wade and Samantha’s relationship in the film differed significantly from the book, making it impossible to continue their story in the sequel.
  • The changes made in the film to show Wade’s growth and realization of the importance of the real world conflict with the plot of the sequel.
  • The film has already been upgraded to the VR technology described in the book, leaving no room for the important ongoing revelation about Halliday’s advanced virtual reality technology.

More than five years have passed Ready Player One seems no closer to getting a sequel, and that may be because the many changes made to the book have made it much more complicated to make this book. Author Ernest Cline wrote a sequel book called Ready Player Two, which was released a few years after the 2018 film hit theaters. It is certainly possible that a version of this novel could be turned into a film sequel Ready Player Onebut significant adjustments must be made to the story as the changes in Steven Spielberg’s film do not fit the plot.

Although the general premise of Ready Player One book and movie are the same, Spielberg took some creative liberties with Wade’s story. The nature of James Halliday’s competition, the final lessons learned by the characters, and the central romance between Wade and Samantha were quite different. Overall, these changes were tasteful and more or less acceptable, but formerly of Cline Ready Player Two book was released in 2020, it was clear that this sequel was not made with the movie in mind. Ultimately, this makes it impossible to adapt the book to film (as it is).


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8 Wade and Samantha don’t meet until the end of a player’s finished book

Wade and Samantha developed a much more personal relationship at the beginning of Ready Player One.

Wade Watts and Samantha Cook look the same way in Ready Player One

Wade and Samantha (Olivia Cooke’s Ready Player One character) they met in person about halfway Ready Player One movie, but that wasn’t the case in the book. The pair had a much more tumultuous relationship throughout the novel. After all, It was only after the easter egg was claimed that Wade and Samantha met and the future of their relationship was left more unclear.. Since the year Ready Player Two revealing that Wade almost immediately destroyed this romance, the film’s version of their ending wouldn’t fit.

7 Wade doesn’t learn the importance of real life until he’s almost the second player

The movie Ready Player One was about Wade learning the value of reality.

Ready Player One ending with Parzival and Anorak

Wade does a lot of growing and learning Ready Player Two as it is at this moment that he realizes the value of living in the real world. Early in the book, his addiction to the OASIS becomes even more severe as he discovers that Halliday had invented the OASIS Neural Interface, or ONI, which allows a person to slip on a special headset and immerse themselves in perfect virtual reality. He is so obsessed with this technology that it destroys all his friendships. It’s an important factor in the sequel’s plot that wouldn’t work after the changes to Ready Player One film.

6 The movie Ready Player One enhanced in the VR technology of the book

VR technology wasn’t perfected until the book Ready Player Two.

As previously mentioned, Ready Player Two begins with the discovery that Halliday had secretly invented the most advanced virtual reality technology the world had ever seen. The headset fed directly into the brain, so instead of projecting an image onto the eye, the wearer of the OASIS Neural Interface could seamlessly touch, taste, and smell their surroundings, and everything would feel as real as reality. However, THE Ready Player One the movie already made the OASIS much more immersive than it had been in the original bookso this would not be such a significant discovery.

In one
Ready Player One
in the movie scene, the High Five tricked Nolan Sorrento into thinking he was in his real office when he was really in the OASIS. This would not be possible with the technology described in the first book.

5 OASIS is not closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the book

Wade’s decision to partially seal off the OASIS in Ready Player One conflicts with his ongoing teachings.

Wade, Samantha, Daito and Shoto in Ready Player One

At the end of Ready Player One movie, Wade and the rest of the High Five choose to shut down the OASIS on Tuesdays and Thursdays to ensure people spend some time in the real world. This reinforces the lessons Wade learned about the importance of reality, but that never happened in the book. Ready Player Two revealed that, like Wade, society became even more wired to escape reality thanks to ONI. This leads to almost everyone being locked out of the virtual world, which can’t happen in a movie sequel if Wade shuts down the OASIS two days a week.

4 Daito dies in a player-made book (but survives in the movie)

Ready Player One and its sequel were more mature than Speilberg’s film.

Daito & Shoto From Ready Player One

of Ready Player One the movie was much quieter than the book. A perfect example is the fact that in Cline’s version of the story, Daito is brutally killed by Nolan Sorrento and IOI – something that certainly didn’t happen in Spielberg’s film. Of course, it would be easy enough to write this character into a movie sequel, but that Ready Player TwoIts themes are even darker than the first book, it is not easy to imagine how this tone could be adapted for a film adaptation. If Spielberg couldn’t stand killing Daito, then the rest couldn’t Ready Player Two would be prohibited.

3 Halliday has become much wiser in Ready Player One

Halliday’s film character does not live up to the villain he becomes in the book of Ready Player Two.

The end of Ready Player One the film sees Wade meet a mysterious version of Halliday inside the OASIS who, while strange, seems far wiser than his book counterpart. Overall, the character, played by Mark Rylance in the film, was incredibly easy to like, and his final lines and the lessons he taught Wade served as the central heart of Spielberg’s film. Unfortunately, or Ready Player Two the film adapted from the book would throw this out the window as the AI ​​version of Halliday living in the OASIS is revealed to be the central villain.


A Ready Player A line of movies perfectly set up Player nearly two 2 years before the book came out

Spielberg changed the nature of Halliday’s avatar in his film Ready Player One, incidentally creating the villainous plot twist of the book’s sequel.

2 The film Ready Player One focuses more on Halliday’s regrets for Kira

Halliday’s biggest regrets about Kira aren’t addressed until the Ready Player One sequel.

Kira from Ready Player One

of Ready Player One The film implies that Halliday’s regret over his lack of love with Kira due to his pop culture obsessions is why he began hunting for the Easter egg. Although Kira’s role in Halliday’s life played an important role in his contest in the book, there was little indication that he had learned his lesson about his antisocial ways. Actually, Ready Player Two reveals that he secretly uploaded Kira’s brain to the OASIS without her consent so he could keep a version of her for himself.

Search in
Ready Player Two
was Halliday’s attempt to make amends for what he had done to Kira, but this scheme would seem strange in sequence with
Ready Player One

1 The Ready Player One movie omits Wade’s OASIS access privileges

The Robes of Anorak were left out of the film, but are important in the Ready Player Two book.

A significant feature of Ready Player Two is the Robes of Anorak, an artifact that gives the user unlimited access to anything within the OASIS. It was worn by Halliday’s avatar in Ready Player One book and was given to Wade after he won the contest. While wearing it, Wade could be invisible, teleport anywhere he wanted, and access private information about any user of the OASIS. Ongoing, the evil AI version of Halliday steals Wade’s cloak and uses it to wreak havocwhich cannot be done without reconsidering the inclusion of the item in the first film.

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