All F1 liveries from 2024 so far as boring carbon fiber wins over colours: PlanetF1

All F1 liveries from 2024 so far as boring carbon fiber wins over colours: PlanetF1

While carbon fiber reigns supreme, we’ve ranked the colors we’ve seen so far ahead of the 2024 season.

Formula 1 is a dull place at the moment in terms of liveliness with teams desperate to save weight and while that may change in the future, for now we’re stuck with some of the worst looking cars in years The last.

While some have consumed almost all carbon fiber, there are others who have made at least a little effort. Here are the entries listed for 2024:

6.) A524 Alpine

Alpine's car of 2024Alpine's car of 2024Alpine's car of 2024Alpine's car of 2024

The most disappointing of the lot so far has gone to Alpine, whose car may be 95% new, but the bodywork is 95% carbon fiber.

The team didn’t help themselves by teasing a pink camo livery and after the cars produced last year for the French outfit, the expectation was far higher than the reality.

The car has really minimal color and even the pink version isn’t the bold choice we’ve seen lately. The A524 was revealed at the same time as Alpine’s WEC entry and it was a much better color choice and only served to make the F1 effort look worse.

The team has at least redeemed itself a bit by showing the actual car at the launch rather than a show model.

5.) Williams’ FW46

Williams 2024 carWilliams 2024 carWilliams 2024 carWilliams 2024 car

Williams have followed the trend by ditching the color in favor of carbon fiber, but with a dark blue to match, it’s hard to know how easy it will stand out during a race.

As for when it’s stationary, it looks nice, but let’s not forget that this is a team that has Gulf as one of its main sponsors – so why couldn’t we have more of that light blue and orange?

Yes, some special outfits may come later in the year, but it would be nice to see them adopt that style year-round. If they had done that, then they could have had the best on the net.

4.) Haas’ VF-24

2024 Haas VF-24 Render 22024 Haas VF-24 Render 22024 Haas VF-24 Render 22024 Haas VF-24 Render 2

There’s not much you can say about the Haas car other than it looks like a Haas.

The red, white and black theme has been used since MoneyGram became the title sponsor in 2023 and 2024 is more of an evolution than a revolution.

The white halo should at least make it easy to spot during a race. recommends

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3.) McLaren’s MCL38

The MCL38 was the first color we saw with a surprise reveal from McLaren back in January, and as other teams have begun to drop the lids, any initial disappointment has dissipated.

McLaren have ditched the blue color that was part of their papaya revolution, which gives the car a ‘Tony the Tiger’ feel, but the bar is so low this year that any color is now seen as a plus point.

The Woking team have not disappointed in this regard. Their distinctive papaya runs down the nose on the front wing, as well as a healthy splash on the bonnet and rear wing.

This being McLaren, we will undoubtedly see a number of special models throughout the year.

2.) C44 of pin F1

So we may have a problem with their name, but this new era of Sauber at least came with an exciting car. While other teams have used a lot of black/carbon fiber as a must, on the C44 it at least looks like a design choice.

The nose design isn’t too dissimilar to the Alpine one with black in the middle and a strip of color running down the side, but it’s the distinctive neon green that works so well.

The front wing being all green is also a welcome change from the carbon fiber on the rest of the grid, and while we’ve yet to see it during a race, we’re sure the neon green will at least make the team easy to spot. stood out.

Now, if we can just get rid of some of the many stickers that say Stake, we could be on to a winner.

1.) Visa Cash VCARB 01 Application of RB

VCARB01 release photo.VCARB01 release photo.VCARB01 release photo.VCARB01 release photo.

Perhaps it’s a theme of teams with terrible names that they feel some kind of guilt and therefore produce excellent liveliness, which is certainly the case with Visa Cash App RB.

While we still don’t know what to call them exactly, we can at least take solace in a great looking car and a car that says Toro Rosso is back.

The familiar blue with some added accents easily makes it the best color yet.

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