AnyDesk acknowledges the breach, implements security measures

AnyDesk acknowledges the breach, implements security measures

On February 2, 2024, AnyDesk confirmed that it was the victim of a cyber attack that gave unauthorized users access to its production systems. According to BleepingComputer, the breach was discovered after signs of a problem on its servers and resulted in the compromise of source code and private code signing keys.

Although AnyDesk did not disclose any specifics about the data theft, BleepingComputer reported that source code and code signing certificates were among the items taken during the attack.

About the breach and AnyDesk’s response

AnyDesk has 170,000 customers, including organizations such as 7-Eleven, Comcast, Samsung, MIT, NVIDIA, SIEMENS and the UN. The company quickly launched a security audit after learning of the compromise and hired cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike to conduct a comprehensive response plan.

AnyDesk has revoked security-related certificates and replaced or patched affected systems as part of its response procedures. It has also assured users that there is no evidence yet that the breach compromises end-user devices.

In a public statement, AnyDesk said, “We can confirm that the situation is under control and it is safe to use AnyDesk. Make sure you’re using the latest version, with the new code signing certificate.”

Despite AnyDesk’s claim that no authentication tokens were received, the company is recommending users to change their passwords, especially if they are used on other platforms, and is revoking all web portal passwords without caution.

Responding to questions about the attack, AnyDesk explained, “AnyDesk is designed in a way that session authentication tokens cannot be stolen. They exist only on the end user’s device and are associated with the device’s fingerprint. These tokens do not never touch our systems.”

AnyDesk has already started replacing compromised code signing certificates to increase security even more. This update is reflected in AnyDesk 8.0.8, which was released on January 29.

It is highly recommended that all AnyDesk users upgrade to the latest version of the program due to the potential risk. Users are also asked to update their passwords on other platforms as a precaution.

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