Art/artist map released for Burien’s ‘Arts-A-Glow’ set for Saturday, September 10

The map for Burien’s amazing ‘Arts-A-Glow’ light festival – located in Town Square Park and downtown from 7 – 10 p.m. Saturday, September 10, 2022 – has been released.

This is Burien’s annual festival of lights, which is NOT to be missed (South King Media will be live stream on Facebookas well as recording video and taking photos).

There will be art installations, roaming performers, design artists, a night market, hands-on and community activities all happening in beautiful downtown Burien.

Check out the map, learn about the artists and start planning your night out today.

“Enjoy this unique opportunity to discover art around Burien at the 2022 Downtown Arts-A-Glow Art Light Festival,” organizers said. “Go to Downtown Burien and discover light installations and performers, visit a wonderful night market and museum, find art at businesses, dine at local restaurants and more!”

Help make it a festive night by coming in costume and bringing your favorite lantern! Want to make a lantern at home? learn helpful tips on how to get back jars, balloonsAND pie panand pie shapes in whimsical lights and be sure to check them out for more details.

Visit Burien’s businesses and restaurants
Use it Burien Eat Streetsa fun interactive map to find the perfect dinner or snacks for your evening.

This event is hosted by the City of Burien.

“A big shout out to our amazing sponsors and partners who help make this event possible – 4 Culture, Alaska Airlines, Discover Burien, Blog B-Town and ArtsWa.”

Also part of the light festival event will be Discover Burien’s Movie Wall (153rd Street and 6th Ave SW), along with numerous downtown Burien businesses.

The Highline Heritage Museum will also be participating, holding a “glow museum” inside, as well as an Artist projecting on the outside of the building and of course, “moon dancers”! FREE admission to enter the museum – don’t miss out!

For more information, follow the event page at Facebook here. or in the city website here.

Here is the map (or visit

Art making, museums, market and more!

WANJET – A* and D*

A*: Toilets and lantern production station Library – 400 SW 152nd Street

B: NW Pacific Railroad Archives and Boeing Employees Model Railroad Club – 425 SW 153rd Street

C: Citlali Creative – Glitter items and glitter face painting – 447 SW 152nd Street

D*: Box crafting space – toilets and crafting station – 611 SW 152nd Street, Lower Alley Level, Orange Doors

E: night market – Movie Screen Wall Parking Lot, 6th and 153rd Streets

F: The Heart Gallery Paint and Sip – Fireflies (2 – 4 pm). Seahawks paint and sip. Free Glitter Bracelets. – 627 SW 153rd Street

G: Sitka Living – Make A Wish table with Flying Wish Paper – 648 SW 152nd Street

H: High Heritage Museum – Glow Museum – 819 SW 152nd Street

I: Treat Cookies – Selling a cookie with neon or glow in the dark frosting. Shiny Item Gift – 825 SW 152nd Street

Art installations

1: A trip to the moon | Blazinspace – City Square Park

2: Flow Control | Bowman/James – City Square Park

3: Cyclostyle | Seattle Design Nerds – City Square Park

4: Portal | Joe Cole – 498 SW 152nd Street

5: Shine | Rob Angus – The street between 443 and 445 SW 152nd Street

6: I inspire | Dave Sederberg – Corner of SW 152nd Street and 6th Ave SW

7: Doodles night | Marsha Rollinger – Between 605 and 625 SW 152nd Street

8: We walk with giant lasers | Dave Means – Movie wall from Art Alley

9: Art Alley Black Light Mural | different – Art Street

10: Art Alley DIY Black Light Chalk Mural – Art Street

11: Nature’s Shadow Dance | Marcell Marias – 648 SW 152nd Street

12: Paint the walls with light | Marcell Marias – The facade of the Highline Heritage Museum

13: Silver Mysteries of the Night | Raven/Road – Highline Heritage Museum window

14: Kineticcolor | Marcell Marias – 152 825 SW Road

Performers and Roaming Art

15: Cloud Leopard – Nebula | Sarah Lovett – City Square Park and Roaming

16: Circus Circus | SANCA: School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts – Performance at Town Square Park, 7:00pm – 8:00pm

17: Ruby Garden | Nina M. Holmstrom – 629 SW 152nd Street and Roaming

18: Moon Dancers | Denise Henrikson – Roaming and Performing at the Heritage Highline Museum at 9:15 p.m

WHAT: Burien Arts-A-Glow

WHEN: Saturday, September 10, 2022: 7 – 10:00 p.m

WHERE: Burien Town Square Park and throughout Downtown Burien:

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