Art meets exploring with Dublin’s two new river boxes

The Dublin connection served as the inspiration for two new ‘river boxes’ that the Dublin Arts Council activated on August 20 at Riverside Crossing Park, 6635 Riverside Drive, where Dublin artist Don Staufenberg greeted geocaching fans.

Like the other 18 river boxes along the banks of the Scioto River within the Dublin city limits, the two new river boxes are built into two permanent pieces of public art, entitled “Equal East” and “Equal West”, installed on both banks of the Scioto River. , The Dublin Link is a pedestrian bridge that spans the river and connects Bridge Park, on the east bank, with historic Dublin, on the west bank.

Staufenberg, 70, said Dublin Arts Council challenged him to use Dublin Link as a focus to illustrate Dublin’s past and future, as the bridge connects the city’s historic district with Bridge Park, a mixed-use development mixed that continues to be built today.

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