Athletic attendance increases thanks to Calvin Gameday and campus leaders – Calvin University Chimes

Athletic attendance increases thanks to Calvin Gameday and campus leaders – Calvin University Chimes

Recently, school spirit at Calvin’s athletic events has increased. of football the scrimmage had over 3,000 participants, men’s basketball Calvin vs Hope rivalry game sold out for the first time since the pandemic, and the first men’s volleyball home game had an attendance of over 2,000. Increasing participation and excitement around athletics has been a university effort among them President Boerstudent senate and Calvin Gameday.

Marketing home games and rivalry games to Calvin students has been a conscious effort by Calvin Gameday; the success of the Calvin sports teams has helped their cause. Calvin Gameday is a student-led group that works with Calvin Athletics to “make athletic events accessible to all students,” according to Graciana Henning. Henning said ringing that Calvin Gameday markets games on social media to ensure students are educated about athletic events happening on campus. By posting “more graphics, putting out video content of athletes and also student content at games and athletic events so people can see themselves on social media,” Henning said Gameday hopes to increase attendance.

Calvin Gameday also hosts other events on campus to get students involved, such as Midknight Madness, a Halloween costume event aimed at getting students excited for basketball season. Calvin Gameday has also included winning Wednesdays in their slate of activities, which includes a group game, food and prizes after a Wednesday home game. Creating incentives to attend events is a big part of getting students excited about attending Calvin athletic events, Henning said. ringing.

Calvin Gameday coordinates with the student senate to plan tailgates with free food and free fan buses for Calvin at Hope games.

many [senator] projects are focused on ‘How can we increase participation in [student org] events and games.’

The student senate also plays a role in increasing student excitement about athletics. President of the student body Bear de Boo said ringing that student senate has changed its approach to student involvement in campus events to a “grassroots approach.” Instead of student senators attending mandatory office hours, de Boo has advised his cabinet to go out into the Calvin community and connect with student organizations at their events. “A lot [senator] projects are focused on ‘How can we increase participation in [student org] events and games,’” said de Boo.

President Boer has worked with the student senate to increase attendance and build excitement for Calvin events. “I am grateful for the ways in which we are partnering with the student senate to increase student participation in both athletic events…I am grateful for our students, coaches, staff and professionals who perform with excellence, making these events one of the you don’t want Miss,” said Boer ringing in an email.

It’s an exciting time to be at Calvin.

De Boo added that student incentives “work sometimes, but they’re not perfect.” De Boo and President Boer’s original plan for the home rivalry game was to treat the most-attended dorm to a pizza party at President Boer’s home. “A week [went] and we only got one response from a dorm president,” de Boo said. After this case, the student senate has focused its strategy on “a lot of word of mouth and a lot of social media… it’s tiring, but it works.”

President Boer noted that alumni have also noticed a change at Calvin’s school the soul. “It’s clear that school spirit is building at Calvin,” Boer said. “I notice it when I talk to alums around the world and I see it on campus, as more and more people are donning the maroon and gold and coming out to support our students. It’s an exciting time to be at Calvin.”

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