Avowed may just be outer fantasy worlds, and that’s okay

Avowed may just be outer fantasy worlds, and that’s okay

Main points

  • Avowed is Obsidian Entertainment’s upcoming FPS RPG set for release later this year. The hype from players is based on both the footage shared so far and the studio’s reputation for creating quality first-person RPG experiences.
  • While comparisons have been made between Avowed and Skyrim, Obsidian has noted the game’s smaller scale and scope, as well as other details that set it apart. If anything, it shares more similarities with The Outer Worlds in terms of design and Obsidian’s trademark touch.
  • Avowed seems to be the fantasy equivalent of The Outer Worlds, which is considered a success for Obsidian, so to say that the two look similar is hardly an insult. With its meticulous world-building, engaging narratives, and player-driven plot agency, Avowed is expected to be just as compelling, if not more so, than TOW.

Obsidian Entertainment’s It was accepted is his next FPS RPG title to be released later this year, and has been in the works since its reveal in 2020. Before that, 2019 The Outer Worlds it was a bit of a surprise to the studio, and in many ways, a pleasant one. Fans felt it was a return to form for the developer, channeling his work on beloved classic titles like Fallout: New Vegas as well as its reputation for creating quality first-person RPG experiences, having produced a number of well-received but more distinctive CRPG titles such as Tyranny and both Pillars of Eternity games (which It was accepted is widely based on) between them.

U.S. too It was acceptedObsidian’s overall environment, and Obsidian’s previous relationship with Bethesda Studios, it was almost inevitable that comparisons between It was accepted AND Skyrim are done. Obsidian pointed out accepted’Smaller scale and extent in many cases, as well as other details that separate it from being very similar. After showing more of It was accepted at the Xbox Developer Direct presentation earlier in January, however, it seems to have a lot in common with it The Outer Worlds in terms of Obsidian’s trademark design and touch. But even if it is so It was accepted it is essentially “just a fantasy fragrance The Outer Worlds experience”, this does not imply a negative connotation and, in fact, may be the very angle that will make it a great game with all the hallmarks of Obsidian’s expertise.

It was accepted
currently has a confirmed release window of fall 2024, but no exact date yet. It will also be a Game Pass /Microsoft exclusive for one day.


Obsidian’s accepted and outside worlds 2 are two sides of the same coin

Avowed and The Outer Worlds 2 are both products of the same developer, but they are facing different circumstances in development.

If Avowed is the fantasy equivalent of Outer Worlds, it will still be going strong

The success story of the outer worlds

The Outer Worlds featured Obsidian returning to its roots within a modern framework and its own distinct style and approach. Leaning into dystopian sci-fi trappings, but with a more humorous and satirical bent, compared to “standard” fare like Cyberpunk 2077healthy dose of comedy balanced with other darker absurdities and interesting narratives made by the choices OF THE STREET a hit with gamers and critics alike. She received two DLCs that expanded her lore and world, capping her positive reception and The Outer Worlds 2 was officially announced in 2021, which Obsidian has stated will be next in line for development thereafter It was accepted has been sent. The Outer Worlds was considered an overall success and proved that Obsidian still had the chops to produce a AAA FPS RPG that could deliver a satisfying and engaging experience.

Avowed’s promise to be the fantasy version of The Outer Worlds is a good thing

Obsidian has long been well-known for its meticulous world-building and engaging narratives, in addition to entertaining combat and player-driven plot agency. Since both It was accepted AND The Outer Worlds features these in very familiar genres and settings, but with a more scaled-down approach and philosophy compared to some of the more massive open-world games out there, their similarities are quite obvious.

But again, this can be one of the biggest advantages It was accepted has gone for it, as based on everything seen so far, it looks like it will feel and play a lot like it Outer Worlds, at least in terms of broad design elements and other aspects, most of which were embraced by audiences. With the reception of The Outer Worlds and waiting for It was acceptedthere are a number of good reasons to expect it to be just as compelling, if not more so, even if it can reductively be labeled as “The Outer Worldsbut fantasy.”


It was accepted


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