Breckenridge International Arts Festival plans to bring art installations to the trails and feature a fusion of jazz and ice skating

Breckenridge International Arts Festival plans to bring art installations to the trails and feature a fusion of jazz and ice skating
Australia-based Polygot Theater will present “BEES” August 16-18 as part of the Breckenridge International Arts Festival.
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Breck Create has announced the lineup for the 2024 Breckenridge International Arts Festival, a 10-day celebration that begins August 16th and ends August 25th.

This year’s festival focuses on the complex relationship between people and the land. Local, national and international artists plan to offer traditional and unconventional experiences in music, dance, film, visual arts and family entertainment during the festivities.

The Breckenridge International Arts Festival’s acclaimed Trail Mix program will feature California-based artists Megan Geckler and Gerald Clarke along with local talent Bill Orisich. Trail Mix combines art and nature by leading hikers and mountain bikers to follow Breckenridge’s popular trails to art installations and performance destinations.

This includes a complementary series of live street music, theater shorts, artist talks and mindful interventions. There will also be a live branding event announced closer to the event.

Trail Mix art installations will be accessible via Illinois Creek, Iowa Hill, Moonstone and B&B during the festival with some exhibits running through September 8. Works by Clarke and Geckler will also be on display in the Old Masonic Hall. Detailed directions to the trails and more information can be found at

The Breckenridge International Arts Festival kicks off with a free opening night event, featuring professional and local skaters tearing up half the throttle while elite jazz musicians provide live responses.

Moran and The Bandwagon will play the Riverwalk Center on August 17, celebrating the lifelong genius of legendary composer Duke Ellington during the festival’s first weekend.

Moran and The Bandwagon play the Riverwalk Center on August 17th.
Breck Create/ Courtesy photo

Australia-based Polygot Theater will present BEES, an interactive performance art piece that transforms public spaces into vibrant bee communities, from August 16-18. The show will encourage children to play and immerse themselves in the intricate world of bees, soaking in the sounds, shapes and smells.

Returning for the second weekend of the festival is STREB EXTREME ACTION, a contemporary movement company that pushes the boundaries of physics and entertainment. The company will offer free teasers in the Breckenridge Arts District, a free youth workshop and a ticketed show at the Riverwalk Center titled “Time Machine: From Ringside to Extreme Action.”

Breck Create and Breckenridge Backstage Theater Company plan to partner to present a new play titled “A Woman’s Guide to the Mountains” at the Breckenridge Theater August 22-25. The production will combine a live violin solo in a celebration of Colorado’s outdoor culture with three true stories of women pushing their limits and fulfilling their edge.

The festival closes on August 25 with Rising Tide: The Crossroads Project, a multidisciplinary concert experience with physicist Dr. Robert Davies and the Fry Street String Quartet. This is co-presented with the National Repertory Orchestra and is a feature-length cinematic performance that uses science, evocative imagery and powerful music to explore nature, humanity and the paths forward.

There will also be morning yoga classes with live music, courses and workshops for all ages with details to be announced closer to the event.

Tickets and more information can be found at

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