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(Broadry) – The cost of flying to your destination is going up. Hopper just announced that average prices for airline tickets this Labor Day weekend are about 20% higher from 2021 to 2019. So how can you go on a last-minute summer getaway—without breaking the bank?

We asked RVshare.com for tips on how to get the most bang for your buck:

Q: What tips do you have for families looking to save on an RV rental?

RVshare: We offer rentals starting at $50 per night for a trailer and $75 for a mobile RV. If you go for something more mid-range or even want to go higher with a $200+ per day RV rental, you’re still looking to divide that number by the number of people in your party. not multiplying, that already brings huge savings. Plus with RV shipping options, you can save even more by eliminating travel splits from the pickup process. This cost effectively drops to zero if you own the RV yourself.

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Q: Gasoline prices are expensive for commuters, aren’t they?

RVshare: The cost of gas will vary depending on how many miles it takes to get to your destination. Cross-country road trips may not seem like the obvious choice for a cost-effective vacation right now, but don’t let that discourage you.

The most standard RV, a Class C, typically holds a 40-gallon gas tank and averages 10 mpg. Filling the tank at a current average price of $5.00 per gallon would cost $200. This $200 fill-up will be able to take you about 400 miles, which is about 6.5 hours of travel time.

Despite rising concerns about gas prices, RVshare’s insights show that the average cost of an RV trip compared to last year is less than $35 per trip. With gas prices currently falling 14% in August since their peak in June, this number is even lower than earlier this summer.

For the exact cost of the trip to your destination apply this formula with: Miles X Gas Price.

Q: Is camping less expensive than staying in a hotel?

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RVshare: The average overnight hotel rate nationwide is about $186 per night, which may have to increase if your party is too large for a standard room. Remember that other factors such as location, room types, meal options and other amenities will greatly affect and determine your cost in this category. Sometimes saving on hotel prices can end up adding more to other budget categories.

Campsites come with all kinds of price tags from $0 for public lands to $40 for a spot in an established campsite with water and electric hookups. Boondocking allows you to park for free on public land, but be aware of the restrictions. You will need to use water and electricity from your own supply and you will often be further away from attractions.

Q: What about the food?

RVshare: Food is part of any travel adventure, but when you’re limited to a microwave in your hotel room, you’ll find yourself with another unexpected high budget spot. You’ll multiply the cost per person of your party and before you know it you’ll want to do the dishes.

In an RV, not only can you store groceries and stock the fridge with everyone’s favorites, but you have the opportunity to cook meals together. You can also have the family lasagna recipe on the dinner menu. RVs are equipped with full kitchens, and while doing the dishes while on vacation isn’t everyone’s dream, having the space and equipment to cook a meal will save you hundreds.

Q: Is camping a cost-effective way to travel?

RVshare: Here is an example. Let’s look at a family of four Cleveland, Ohio I want to take a 4-day vacation in The Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, one of the most visited national parks in the country! Keep in mind that the costs in this comparison are averages, and every situation is different.

With flights at $266 per person and hotel nights at $200, the air travel option quickly added up. Not only do you have the option of traveling to and from the airport, but you have to rent a car if you’re traveling to places like the National Parks, adding about $480 to a rental car and we’re running into some big expenses. .

Although the cost of gas is high to travel a 1,080 mile round trip, you can save a lot with access to a kitchen and a bed to sleep in. If you’re an RV owner, ask for $680 total for this adventure.

Disclosure: Links in this article may be from one of our content partners. If you click a link in this article, we may earn a commission.

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