Butter Art Fair, a hit in Indianapolis, will be even bigger in 2022

“Butter,” the inclusive fine art fair featuring black visual artists, has seen just one launch so far — over Labor Day weekend in 2021. Its founder, cultural development firm Ganggang, expected 1,000 adult customers during the weekend. By the end, they reported more than 3,400 adult tickets sold.

With that, a new Indianapolis hit was born. Its annual status has now become a given, with co-founder Malina Simone Jeffers even seeing someone on social media post their desire to enter “Butter Season” as “Butter 2” rolls this weekend at Stutz’s downtown building of the city.

“Perhaps one of the nicest surprises — or what feels like a really pressing surprise — is that Indianapolis knows about ‘Butter’ and talks about it like there’s been more than one,” Jeffers said.

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