Camarda, Sia and Zeroli: baby Milan also flies in blue

The young Rossoneri protagonists with goals and assists with Italy U17 and U19, both qualified for the final phase of the European Championship in their category. The devil shows off his jewels

The treasure, instead of red and black, is green. Or rather: the Rossoneri treasure is green. That is, the color that is synonymous with youth, with personal freshness, with those who have a life and career ahead of them. The 2023-24 season, understood as a whole and excluding a Europa League that could obviously still provide great satisfaction, may not be recorded in the club’s history, but it could be remembered as a great starting point thanks to the young players. of the local team. players. Francesco Camarda, Diego Sia, Kevin Zeroli, written in alphabetical order but also of increasing age: the Rossoneri babies who are protagonists in the club and also in blue. Light Blue. They all scored during this round of national teams, showing that everything shown in their respective categories is not coincidental.

french bomber

Let’s start with the youngest, also because now the focus is mainly on him, with all due respect to his 16th birthday a few days ago. Camarda has been accompanied by his fame in front of the goal since he was very young, and more than one allowed himself reflections like this: how many have we seen, of phenomena that score avalanches of goals for the Pulcini and then disappear… Well, but that is not the case of Francesco, who continues to kick her out even now that things are starting to get very serious. Yesterday he hit the target again with Massimiliano Favo’s Italy U17, defeating Finland. And it was certainly not a banal goal: a coldly executed penalty in injury time (it was scored by Mattia Liberali, another Rossoneri), which made it 2-2 thanks to which Italy qualified for the European Championship. A goal that comes three days after the double (plus an assist) against Belgium. Obviously, nothing is a coincidence for this talent who scored 7 goals in 12 appearances in the Under 17 category, numbers that are added to the 12 goals in 31 games with AC Milan Primavera. All very nice, and it would be even more so if there were greater clarity about Francesco’s future: with Milan there is an agreement in principle for his first professional contract, but not everything seems as obvious and defined as the club and the fans expected. Also because the foreign sirens are starting to sound very loud.

diego and kevin

From Sub 17 to Sub 19, it is still red and black. In the victory of Bernardo Corradi’s Azzurrini 5-0 over Georgia, also in this case a match that allowed Italy to qualify for the final phase of the Euro Cup, the protagonists were Diego Sia (one goal and one assist) and Kevin Zeroli (a goal). . Of particular note is Sia’s goal, which came less than a minute after she took the field in the second half. An unforgettable season for the class of 2006, who in Milan is the fittest man of Abate’s Primavera: best Rossoneri scorer in the league (8 goals), but also in the Youth League (5 goals). It was his, for example, the master goal that put his team back on track against Real Madrid in the quarterfinals. Kevin Zeroli is also now confirmed as a certainty for the club and the national team: the goal against Georgia came six days after the goal against Scotland. Kevin will also remember this season as the Rossoneri’s debut in the first team, with three appearances (two in the League, one in the Italian Cup). The same goes for Camarda (two handfuls of minutes in the championship), during a year in which Bartesaghi, Simic, Traoré and Jiménez also officially appeared in the big ball. Without forgetting, of course, the spring road that, like a year ago, reached the last four of the Youth League. Yes, the Rossoneri world is getting greener.

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