Cascarino and Diani put Lyon in the last four (waiting for PSG?)

While waiting for Paris, OL is once again among the four finalists!

Eliminated in the quarter-finals last season, the Fenottes overcame the obstacle this time and returned to the Champions League semi-finals by beating Benfica. Winners 1-2 in the first leg, Sonia Bompastor’s players did much better in the second leg (4-1), led by a gala Delphine Cascarino (dubbed, like Kadidiatou Diani). OL will find the winner of PSG-Häcken for a half, perhaps 100% French.


Not much will change but Lyonnaise gets a lucky double!! In a high ball, Diani controls and Amaro wants to clear. The Portuguese shoots… French style, who scores involuntarily!!

Despair change for Benfica

Alidou makes way for Almendariz for the final moments, when we are currently playing five minutes of added time.


This time it’s done, the Lyonnais will return to last place!! Horan takes the shot well and directs it towards Diani in the rival area. A few meters from the goal, the Frenchwoman finishes the task and seals the result of this double confrontation!!! 3-1 for Fenottes!

Yellow card for Araujo

Completely overwhelmed by Dumornay’s explosiveness, the Portuguese made a guilty mistake by preventing him from surfacing. Deserved sanction.

Becho’s firecracker!

The Lyonnais do not let up and, not attacking from 20 meters away, Becho shoots with his right foot. It barely misses!

OL in control, Groupama Stadium launches the wave!

These last minutes are controlled by the Lyonnais, who are no longer bothered much by Benfica. Time is ticking, it’s starting to smell really good!

Benfica plays its last cards

Even two goals behind, the players no longer seem to believe it. The Portuguese coach launches Falcón and Norton to attempt the impossible. Davidson and Costa return to the bench.

Is OL going straight there, waiting for PSG?

We remind you that the winner of this double match will face PSG-Häcken (to be played tomorrow) in the semi-finals.

OL sets fire… for nothing

Pauels takes a point-blank shot from Majri, but Dumornay is logically flagged offside at the start of the action.

Majri’s number!

Great work from the Lyonnais on the right, who pins two rivals and rolls towards the opposite post! Spend a few centimeters of the amount!

The evening’s heroine, Cascarino, leaves to a standing ovation.

The Groupama Stadium was not wrong and warmly applauded the double goalscorer. Becho takes his place on the left wing.

Horan shoots!

OL had the opportunity to end all the suspense! Cascarino continues to cause misery for the Portuguese defense and serves Horan in the middle. The American fires a strong shot that goes over the crossbar!

Bopastor still releases new blood

Bacha worked hard and gave way to Morroni for the last 20 minutes.

The Dumornay Wrap!

Unsustainable since she entered the break, the young woman from Lyon launches a powerful curling shot that is not far from hitting the opposite corner.

Majri free kick

Well-placed set piece for Majri, on the right 25 meters away. La Lyonnaise takes his opportunity directly but misses the target, going too far to the right.

Benfica without a solution to turn the game around

The visitors have no choice but to attack en masse to try to reduce the gap. But the Benfiquistas broke the defense of the Lyonnais, looking for the smallest possible counterattack.

New change for Fenottes

Van de Donk left his place to Majri, he was placed by position.

Yellow card for Amado

The defender roughly grabs Horan’s shirt and prevents him from launching the counterattack. Logical warning.

Dumornay catches fire

Found by Diani in a center, the newcomer from Lyon controls and exports. His shot into the box is blocked, then Carpenter’s shot goes too high.

Yellow card for Ucheibe

The Portuguese defender will play with threat during the last half hour.

First change for Benfica

Affected, Faria is replaced by Jessica Silva.

OL has an advantage

With this result, the Lyonnais are now two steps ahead of the Benfiquistas. The ticket for the quarterfinals is getting closer.

Hard blow for Benfica, Faria injured

Number 6 asks for a change, after a duel with Damaris. Faria won’t be able to continue, he seems muscular.


Double high class of Cascarino!!! Number 20 goes alone with the ball and prevents the rival from entering. At 20 meters, the international tricolor launches a missile that pierces Pauels, magnificent!!!

Benfica in the package

Davidson was wanted with a long ball into the Lyon area. But the tall striker cannot recover Alves’ long-range free kick.

Stunning Dumornay

Located on the front line instead of Le Sommer, Dumornay has remained standing since its entry. The Lyon nugget does not hesitate to come down to participate in the match.

Here we go again at Groupama Stadium!

Two changes to the Lyon side: Demornay and Damaris replaced Dabritz and Le Sommer.

Status quo in Lyon, OL maintains a goal advantage

More consistent than in the first leg, the Lyonnaises had a convincing first half, with several important chances. Eugénie Le Sommer missed the inevitable (14th), before making up for it by serving Delphine Cascarino to open the scoring (1-0, 42nd). But the Fenottes quickly conceded the tie after a perfect counterattack, concluded by Marie-Yasmine Alidou (1-1, 45). The Lyonnaises remain one step ahead in both games.

Magnificent save by Pauels!!

The Lyonnais are not far from regaining the advantage in this corner well hit by Diani. Gilles powerfully finishes a header that the Benfiquist goalkeeper hits under the crossbar!!


The Portuguese immediately return to the game!! Launched after a magnificent pass from Araujo, Alves only has to serve the goal on a plate to Alidou, who scores with a tackle!!!


Les Fenottes open the scoring!! Thanks to a new high press, Le Sommer snatches a hot ball from the opposing goalkeeper. Curiously, he prefers to serve Cascarino from behind rather than shoot into an empty goal, but his partner finishes the job with a perfect lobe!!!

Diani plays it wrong!

What a shame, another great situation poorly managed by Lyon’s attackers! Diani is in a good position on the right but his transmission is imprecise for Le Sommer a few meters from the goal.


Last year, the Lyonnaises stopped in the quarterfinals of the competition against Chelsea (0-1 in the first leg, 2-1 in the second leg, defeat 2-2, 3-4 in qualifying). An unusual end to the journey of the Fenottes, eight-time European champions.

Cascarino in échec!!

The Lyon winger devours space on the left and lets everyone fall. Facing Pauels at a slightly closed angle, the OL player misses the duel and shoots at the goalkeeper!!

Yellow card for Dabritz

Author of an involuntary but dangerous aerial elbow, the Lyonnais is the first to be warned.

Penalty for Benfica?

Extremely conflictive situation in this Portuguese center in the Lyon area! Endler comes out with his fists forward and seems to only take his opponent’s head… The situation is reviewed in the video, without penalty. The Lyonnais are doing very, very well!

Endler’s first intervention

The Portuguese have a free kick to play, off-center on the left. The ball is deflected by Costa in the back of the head, but the Lyon goalkeeper is not surprised.

Araujo does not give up

Cascarino runs down the left side and first surpasses Araujo in speed. But the Benfiquist player fought well and managed to snatch the ball from the Lyonnaise’s feet.

Great comeback from Ucheibe!

Sommer snatches a new ball from the Portuguese defense and rushes towards the area. He cleverly Hooks his opponent, but Ucheibe intervenes at the last minute to prevent him from hitting!

The Lyonnais on the prowl

Pushed in the first half of the first leg, OL played much more calmly in these first 20 minutes. However, we feel a lot of emotion in the Portuguese defense, which could soon be punished.

What a failure for Le Sommer!!

Golden opportunity for OL to open the scoring!! Diani snatches a very hot ball from Ucheibe’s feet and serves to Le Sommer, absolutely alone in front of the goal. But the blue attacker misses her attempt at close range, the ball goes wide!!

Cascarino a little too short

Patiently, the Lyonnaises take the time to develop their actions and manage to project themselves regularly towards the opposite surface. Carpenter’s cross goes too far for Cascarino.

Benfica well gagged

The Lyon block slides well and prevents the Portuguese attackers from gaining momentum. Visitors have not yet approached Endler’s surface.

First great opportunity for the Lyonnaises!

Balanced start to the game with a diligent and playful OL. We try to find the speed of the deep attackers, Cascarino can serve Horan behind. His shot from him is caught by Pauels!

Mbock quickly in the bathroom.

First performance by the Benfica players, well contained by the Lyonnais. Mbock doesn’t let Davidson slide on the shaft and pushes his opponent.

Let’s go to Groupama Stadium!

It was the Portuguese who launched this Champions League quarter-final second leg!

The start is imminent!

The players of both teams jumped onto the grass of the Groupama Stadium. The contest anthem will sound.

The people of Lyon want to return to the European summits

Eight-time winners of the Champions League, OL will want to erase their disappointing elimination in the quarterfinals of the last edition of the competition and regain the crown, won for the last time in 2022. OL was thus eliminated on penalties. for Chelsea.

OL and PSG are expected to face each other in the half

Winners of the first leg against Benfica (1-2) and against Häcken’s Swedes (1-2), Lyonnaises and Parisiennes are in a good position to reach the semifinals of the Champions League. Mistreated during the first 45 minutes by the Lisbon team in Portugal, the Lyonnaises reversed the trend in the second half, taking chances of qualifying thanks to goals from Delphine Cascarino and Sara Däbritz.

Lineups for the OL-Benfica match, Majri and Renard start on the bench

Lyon will have to do without their top scorer, Ada Hegerberg, who has not yet recovered from her calf injury. Who is also the top scorer in the history of the Champions League leaves her place at the top to Eugénie Le Sommer. Unlike the first leg, Amel Majri starts on the bench. He is replaced by Daniëlle van de Donk. Wendie Renard is back, as a substitute.

OL Eleven: Endler – Carpenter, Gilles, Mbock, Bacha – Van de Donk, Horan, Dabritz – Diani, Le Sommer, Cascarino.

Ours from Benfica: Lena Pauels – Lais Araujo, Costa, Ucheibe – Alves, Gasper, Faria, Davidson – Alidou, Amado, Nazareth.

Hello, everyone !

And welcome to our site to follow the live commentary of the second leg of the Women’s Champions League quarterfinals on Wednesday between OL and Benfica Lisbon. Start scheduled for 6:45 pm!

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