Combining Lunar New Year, Super Bowl for a special cooking challenge – Press Telegram

Combining Lunar New Year, Super Bowl for a special cooking challenge – Press Telegram

David Chang taping his Lunar New Years Tailgate Challenge episode for his podcast The Dave Chang Show. (Photo courtesy of Intertrend)

Lunar New Year and the Super Bowl will combine for a fun podcast this week.

Intertrend, a multicultural creative communications agency based in Long Beach, has teamed up with its longtime client Toyota to sponsor the Lunar New Year Tailgate Challenge podcast on the Dave Chang Show. The first of three parts will be published on Monday, February 12.

Intertrend aims to capture multicultural consumers – particularly Asian American communities – by creating brands that represent and resonate with these target audiences.

Intertrend, for example, has actively facilitated Toyota’s commitment to understand and authentically connect with their Asian American audience, said Tanya Raukko, chief investment officer at Intertrend.

This time, Intertrend and Toyota are sponsoring the Lunar New Year Tailgate Challenge on The Dave Chang Show, a food and culture podcast hosted by Korean-American chef and Momofuku restaurant owner David Chang, to curate a football-inspired fried chicken. challenge in celebration of Lunar New Year and Super Bowl weekend.

“Food,” Raukko said, “is like a core value (for) Asian American (communities), and it’s also something that crosses cultures.

“(We’re) celebrating all of that,” she added, “by highlighting Asian American pioneers and what they’ve accomplished in a really fun, celebratory and authentic way.”

The podcast episode will challenge San Francisco chef Brandon Jew, owner of contemporary Chinese-American restaurant Mister Jiu’s, and Nico de Leon, co-owner of Lasita, a Filipino-American restaurant in downtown Los Angeles, to create their innovative inspired recipes from Lunar. New Year and their cultural heritage.

Chang will judge the dishes.

Along with the food, NFL player Jordan Mailata will also join the podcast and connect with the chefs to talk about their experiences and success within the Asian American community.

“What better way to kick off the Superbowl and the Lunar New Year,” Chang said, “than with a fried chicken challenge?”

The podcast was recorded on Thursday, February 8, in a recording studio located at the Super Bowl Experience presented by Toyota, an immersive NFL fan festival in Las Vegas, home of the biggest sporting event of the year. The Tailgate Challenge will be split into three episodes, with staggered releases starting on Monday and ending on February 20. Podcast episodes will be available on Spotify and LG Channel 101.

“When you go to the stadiums (and) spend time in the tailgate crowds, you’re seeing a real cross-section of America,” Chang said. “What’s good about tailgating (is that) it’s an opportunity where people can root together on a team and just find something that’s delicious. If there’s one thing that brings everyone together — it’s not food in America — it’s definitely football.”

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