Community Bank Is A Leading Supporter Of Local Small Business |  News, Sports, Jobs

Community Bank Is A Leading Supporter Of Local Small Business | News, Sports, Jobs

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Small businesses are the main driver of economic growth in their communities and communities

The bank is committed to the businesses and communities they serve.

With nearly 33.2 million small businesses across the United States employing approximately 61 million Americans, small businesses have become the backbone of the economic recovery, according to the Small Business Administration.

Given the impact that small businesses have on the broader American economy, it is critical that they have a healthy environment in which to operate. Local financial institutions play a vital role in creating this environment. They work to foster trust and understanding and make it easier for small business owners to get a loan, manage an account or receive financial assistance.

That’s why, over a year ago, Community Bank made a bold move to support, develop and encourage success in our local small business community by introducing their Small Business Banking Division.

Community Bank’s Small Business Banking division strives to make investments in products, services and people.

“We have a special interest in the businesses we serve. Small businesses are traditionally underserved by many banks, and our desire was to create a dedicated division to provide the service and support these businesses need,” said Ron Manges, Director of Business Banking at Community Bank. “We focus on convenient, responsive and personal service.”

Three seasoned professionals bring over 70 years of combined experience to the small business team. While their main focus is on lending – large and small, additional offerings include deposit accounts and cash management services. The division also offers advanced online and mobile business banking services and other new products that businesses need to operate in today’s fast-paced, mobile environment.

“The entire design of how we serve small businesses was created with businesses in mind,” Manges said. “Speed, accessibility and direct responses are usually where banks fail and we want to change that. It’s what sets us apart in the market.”

In the division’s short lifespan, it has assisted over 100 business owners with their financial projects ranging from real estate to home equity lines of work.

“We pride ourselves on delivering quick results and if we are unable to meet a business owner’s needs, we offer financial consultation to assist with future borrowing,” Manges said. “We value people’s time. It is a privilege to work with our small local businesses.”

In addition to investing in new products, services and people, Community Bank remains deeply committed to the communities it serves.

“Small businesses are a key component to the success or failure of our communities. When a business leaves a community, a void is created. We see it as part of our mission to make sure our local businesses are growing and successful while also keeping our communities thriving,” Manges said.

Manges believes that sometimes businesses neglect their relationships with bankers until they have an immediate need.

“If you don’t have a professional banker in your toolbox, you’re missing a valuable component in managing your business,” he said. “Like planting a tree, the best time to start a relationship is now. Having an established relationship with a banker who understands your business is an insurance policy for the future.”

For more than 121 years, Community Bank has partnered with local small businesses, and the commitment to the new banking team is a testament to their dedication. Contact the team today to start your relationship and be ready for the future, together.

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