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In the age of social media and digital advertising, your construction business card needs to stand out not only from the competition, but from the inevitability of being thrown into the recycling bin in an increasingly paperless world. Here are eight top tips to make your construction business cards stand out:

1. Minimalist design


You don’t need to use a business card to communicate every ounce of information about your business to be effective. The opposite is likely to be true, with minimalist designs being more attractive and a quicker way to effectively communicate only the key information about your business to your potential customers. Use your business card to direct customers to your website or email where they can learn more about your brand – not as a brochure for your business.

2. Forms that catch the eye

Construction business card ideas


Another way to keep your business card on someone’s mind and in someone’s wallet is with a cool or interesting shape. Curved corners can provide a simple look, but still make your card unique. Square, oval or trapezoidal shapes can also make your business card memorable. You can even look at designing your card to be foldable to create an attractive and unique style.

3. Unique materials

Construction business card ideas


Designing your business cards with unique materials can be a great and practical way to keep them in someone’s hands for a long time. A construction business card made of durable plastic or lightweight metal is great for the dirty and rugged environment that many in the construction field often work in. Or, if your construction business uses wood, check out laser-cut wood business cards for a one-of-a-kind look. These alternatives can be more difficult to write.

4. The ability to write on it

Many business owners prefer business cards that can be written with a pen instead of a more modern material such as plastic, metal or wood. These business cards can be great if you offer custom service, schedule appointments, or write a more direct phone number or email for a prospective client to contact. Writable business cards also allow the recipient of the business card to write notes—perhaps about who you are and why they should hire you.

Construction business card ideas

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5. Building colors and themes

Construction business card ideas


Your business card should match the type of work you do, so you can make the color scheme related to construction. Business cards with black and yellow or black and orange color schemes often read as construction-related due to the use of these colors to paint equipment and road signs. Architects can use a blue and white scheme, or even design their cards to look like a blueprint. Painters or interior designers can use cards designed to look like paint chips—the similar-sized cards you use to determine paint colors.

6. Ruler cards

Construction business card ideas


For an even more fun and useful construction business card, consider a ruler. A scale card can come in handy when your customer needs to measure something – ensuring they see your name and business while they do it.

7. Business cards with photos

Construction business card ideas


If your construction business involves working on finished, affordable products for customers, you may want to consider photo business cards. Business cards with a photo can show the high-quality work a customer can expect when hiring your business. An interior designer can show beautifully decorated homes, while contractors can use photos to show the supreme quality of their construction work.

8. QR codes

The pandemic and its virtual touch-free menus have made the QR code ubiquitous and easy to use. These quick response barcodes are a great way to keep your business card from getting overwhelmed with too much information. Instead, they make it easy for your customer to find their way to your business website, where they can find more information about what to do and how to contact you.

Construction business card ideas

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