Dallas Lifestyle Brand Launches BUDHAGIRL Sparkling Wines » Dallas Innovates

Dallas Lifestyle Brand Launches BUDHAGIRL Sparkling Wines » Dallas Innovates

Dallas Lifestyle Brand Launches BUDHAGIRL Sparkling Wines » Dallas Innovates

BuDhaGirl, a Dallas-based jewelry and lifestyle brand known for its mindfulness principles, is adding some sparkle to its product line.

The brand has announced its expansion into the wine category with the launch of BUDHAGIRL Sparkling Wines, which includes premium California Brut, Demi-Sec and Sparkling Rosé.

Transform the ‘everyday routines’ of life

Jessica Jess

Founded in 2013 by CEO Jessica Jesse, BuDhaGirl was founded on the belief that “life’s everyday routines can be transformed into meaningful rituals.” Jesse, a model turned entrepreneur, created the brand inspired by the Sai Sin bracelets distributed by Buddhist monks in Thailand.

With her jewelry, BuDhaGirl aims to transform “routine adornment” into a “practice of intention.” Each of their pieces, especially the “quiet, waterproof and TSA-proof” all-weather bracelets, is designed to be a functional and symbolic addition to the wearer’s daily life, connecting artistic expression with personal reflection.

Now the brand pursues the same mission with sparkling wines.

Instill meaningful ritual in the ‘art of celebration’

With BUDHAGIRL Sparkling Wines, Jesse’s brand says it seeks to instill meaningful ritual in “the art of celebration.” By taking a moment to “breathe, be present, and express gratitude” for both big milestones and moments in everyday life, it creates a meaningful ritual of celebration, the brand believes, providing “a sense of belonging, which gives us connects with ourselves, our people.” and our intentions.”

And now you can do that while watching all those little bubbles pirouette toward the top of your glass.

“A vital element of the BuDhaGirl brand DNA is the focus on meaningful rituals and the benefits they bring to our lives,” Jesse said in a statement. “Rituals are simply small contemplative ceremonies that help us be present and intentional in our attitudes and actions each day.”

“BUDHAGIRL Sparkling Wines is our latest step in sharing the beauty and purpose of ritual by instilling BuDhaGirl values ​​in the art of celebration,” added Jesse. “What better way to do it than with sparkling wine?”

Seeing significant possibilities in ‘categories far beyond jewelry’

That focus on ritual is “the foundation of our brand and universally applicable to categories far beyond jewelry,” Jesse added. And more could be on the way: The company says it’s aiming to share additional “diverse products and experiences” in new categories in the coming years.

The company says that its wines are “carefully crafted” in Healdsburg, California, by California’s leading sparkling wine producer, Rack & Riddle, using the methode champenoise for “refined, yet lively” bubbles.

The BUDHAGIRL Sparkling Brut and Brut Rosé are blends of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, while the brand’s Sparkling Demi-Sec is primarily Chardonnay with a touch of Pinot Blanc, the company said. The brand’s “feminine, yet uniquely bold” bottle designs are adorned with a golden dragon, aiming to express what the company calls “the physical embodiment of each BuDhaGirl: strong, contemplative, joyful and present.”

The wines are available online and at select retailers.

The company added its first president and chief operating officer in October

In October, BuDhaGirl named her The first president and chief operating officer, Susan Alvarez, who previously held positions at brands such as Dormify, Banana Republic and Nordstrom. At the time, the company called the hiring a “strategic move,” underscoring its commitment to accelerating growth and operational excellence in the industry.

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