Dave Bautista’s Next Movie May Finally Give Him His Own Action Franchise, 10 Years After His Breakout

Dave Bautista’s Next Movie May Finally Give Him His Own Action Franchise, 10 Years After His Breakout


  • Dave Bautista’s next film, Afterburn , may finally give him his own action franchise, a decade after his breakout role as Drax.
  • Bautista has largely avoided leading roles and has focused on creating interesting characters rather than chasing movie stars.
  • Afterburn, based on the Red 5 Comics series, is a unique blend of action and adventure and could launch a new franchise for Bautista.

Dave Bautista the next film is a comic book adaptation that could finally give him his own action franchise, a decade after his first film role. In an alternate timeline, Jason Momoa would have starred Guardian of the Galaxy Drax the Destroyer, but the actor eventually passed. Momoa’s loss was Dave Bautista’s gain, with the WWE star stealing the show with his deadpan humor and charisma. In contrast to other wrestlers who made the jump from WWE to movies like Dwayne Johnson or John Cena, Bautista has largely avoided starring roles.

Most of Dave Bautista’s films tend to be ensemble affairs. These include the likes of Guardians of the Galaxy movies, Dune OR Glass Onion: A Knife Mystery. Sometimes he takes a more central role, such as My spy, tend to subvert his tough-guy image. This could be the reason Bautista has become one of the most popular wrestlers turned actorsas it focuses on crafting interesting characters, instead of following movie stars. Another starring role on Netflix Army of the Dead it feels a little subversive, given that his character’s death precludes any subsequent return.


Dave Bautista’s Guardians Of The Galaxy exit is great for the DCU

Dave Bautista has made it clear that he will be stepping down as Drax after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which bodes well for the newly emerging DCU.

The comic adaptation Afterburn may finally give Dave Bautista a solo action series

Jake fires two guns on the cover of Afterburn_ Mayhem in Moscow comic

One of Dave Bautista’s next big project is After burningbased on the Red 5 Comics seriess with the same name. The story takes place in a world where a massive solar flare destroys half the planet, with Bautista playing a thief named Jake. It’s up to Jake and his crew to wander the wasteland to steal valuable artifacts from the old world, with the team being hired to steal the Mona Lisa from a wealthy client. of After burning The comic feels like Indiana Jones crossed with him Get out of New York, and is a unique blend of action and adventure.

Gerard Butler was linked with a previous attempt to adapt
After burning
in 2018.

The comic series is also pretty wild, including a section where Jake has to fight mutated sharks in a flooded Hong Kong. In short, After burning is a great star vehicle for Dave Bautista, and could easily launch a new franchise her. This will be a long time coming for the star as well, as he has yet to face a potential successful franchise launcher in mind. After burning. After a solid decade of working at his craft, it’s time for him to give it a shot.

Why Dave Bautista sticks to so many set movies

Considering that it is ten years since Guardians of the Galaxy, some may wonder why Bautista would stick with the ensembles for so long. This because Bautista wanted to work with actors and filmmakers he respected and learn how to become a better performer.. On the subject of acting, the star had this to say when interviewed by GQ in 2023:

I’m obsessed with her. It’s this puzzle I can’t figure out. You don’t know if it’s right, but sometimes it is
right. I don’t see those moments a lot, but I do occasionally. It is a natural height.

With projects like Glass onion OR Dunehe is working with directors like Denis Villeneuve or Rian Johnson, and is facing actors like Ed Norton, Daniel Craig – with whom he also worked in the James Bond film. The spectrum – and Stellan Skarsgård. This gave him the confidence to take on the role of the main villain in M. Night Shyamalan’s Knock in the booth, which includes large areas of dialogue; it’s also a performance that earned him accolades. After burning will be To Dave Bautista the next big challenge, but one he sounds perfectly ready to take on.

Source: GQ

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