DAVID ELLEFSON & JEFF SCOTT SOTO release music video for “Vacation In The Underworld”

ELLEFSON-SOTO, David Ellefsonthe cooperation of Jeff Scott Sotowill release a full album, “Holiday in the underworld”on October 7 via Rat Pak Records. The duo also joins Andy Martongelli on guitar and keyboard and Paulo Caridi in battery.

“Holiday in the underworld” is produced by Chris Collier and features eleven tracks and three bonus tracks.

The official music video for “Holiday in the underworld” the title can be seen below. The clip was made by Jamie Brown IN Smokin’ Gun.

From the fiery lead guitar of the album opener “Holiday in the underworld” to prog-metal frenzy and closer “Rise to Win”, ELLEFSON-SOTOHis debut showcases the various influences David AND Jeff have earned over their four decades in music. Giada Jade Etro from the Italian power metal band FROZEN CROWN makes a guest appearance on “Before Tomorrow”. Steve Conley AND Ken Mary from FLOTSAM AND JETSAM perform in the title, “Holiday in the underworld”.

“Holiday in the underworld” Tracklist:

01. Vacation in the underworld
02. Like a bullet
03. Sharpen the sword
04. Reason
05. STN
06. Revolution
07. Celebrity trash
08. Live to die another day
09. Day Before Tomorrow
10. Hercules
11. Rise to win
12. From Blue (Bonus Track)
13. The Lone Star (Bonus Track)
14. The Writing on the Wall (Bonus Track)

To officially launch the project, Ellefson AND Soto will hold two exclusive concerts in September in Italy, where they will perform some of the new music as well as going through different points of the catalogue, including selections from MEGADETH AND Yngwie Malmsteen. They will be joined Martongelli as music director, as well Charid in battery and Valerio de Rosa on rhythm guitar.

In March 2021 – two months before the first MEGADETH The bassist found himself involved in a sex scandal video – Ellefson AND Soto announced that they had collaborated on some new material under the name ELLEFSON-SOTO. of ELLEFSON-SOTO version i DISTURBANCE classical “Sword and Tequila” was released simultaneously to all digital transmission points via EllefsonS ‘ Combat data.

In a May 2022 interview with KNAC.COM, Soto provided an update on his collaboration with Ellefsonsaying, “I can confirm that it’s actually happening. I can confirm that it’s coming out this year. And I can confirm that it’s a full album, it’s a full commitment that we’ve both put into it. We’ll do shows and dates, etc. But that’s all I can give you right now.”

JeffHis latest comments came seven months after he was asked in an interview with Dr. Music if the rest of the material with which he recorded Ellefson would eventually see the light of day. In that time, Soto said: “I hope it will happen at some point. I have given Davidas many people have, the space and time to deal with their own things.

“We were getting that thing ready to jump and fall, etc., and obviously things got put on hold because of that,” he explained. “And it’s better that things go away and calm down because we don’t need the kind of press that comes with it, especially the comments. [from] internet cowboys out there. Let it go, let it slide under the rug and I’m sure things will resurface. And the idea for it will resurface and get us out there… I’m sure we’ll revisit it when the time is right.”

Last January, Soto shared one Instagram his photo with Ellefson and he captioned it: “Something brewing today in Los Angeles….#davidellefson.”

When Ellefsonthe cooperation of Soto was announced for the first time, David said in a statement: “Jeff and I’ve been friends for so many years that it’s great to finally collaborate on some material together. He has such a unique voice and style perfect for some of my new guitar player ideas Andy Martongelli and I composed. We’re excited about everyone’s progress and thought this would be a perfect time to give a little sneak peek.”

In that time, Jeff added: “While COVID-19 became a huge negative around the globe, it actually offered many artists a chance to finally collaborate with each other that might never have happened otherwise… As I have knowing David for many years, I knew from our other endeavors outside of our day job that we could find some bad jams… and here we are, letting you in on our cool little secret.”

Ellefson was discharged from MEGADETH in May 2021 after sexually explicit messages and explicit video footage were posted involving the bassist in I tweet. In that time, Ellefson was accused of grooming a minor girl through online videos and messages. David has denied the accusation and has repeatedly said that the woman in question had been a willing and likable adult at the time of their virtual sexual encounter. Ellefson accompanied his denial with a purported footage of a statement from the woman he was allegedly involved with at the time. In it, the woman admitted to recording the alleged intimate communications she had with him Ellefson and called himself “naive” for sharing them with a friend without the musician’s permission.

David it was us MEGADETH from the group’s inception in 1983 to 2002, and again from 2010 to its final release.

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