DC games that are more faithful to the comic books

DC games that are more faithful to the comic books

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  • of
    Batman: Arkham
    games are a love letter to DC fans, offering a smooth gaming experience and paying attention to even the most obscure characters in Batman lore.
  • of
    the series takes an alternative approach to the DC Universe, featuring a diverse roster and showcasing the personalities and powers of Justice League members in ensemble adventures.
  • Justice League Heroes
    written by Dwayne McDuffie, it offers an immersive top-down experience with RPG elements, allowing fans to build their own teams and explore the dynamic and relatable characters within the Justice League.
  • of
    games include hundreds of characters from the DC universe, providing a playful and silly experience with a wide range of dark faces and iconic locations, giving avid DC readers plenty of jokes to enjoy.
  • DC Universe Online
    allows players to create their own characters, train under famous DC icons and embark on missions spanning the entire DC Universe, offering a depth of role-playing and wacky adventures inspired by classic comics.

One of the two major comic companies, DC of course there are countless games based on its superheroes. Granted, most of them are surface-level escapades. They mostly portray the most popular heroes or are related to a recently released movie. This lack of risk makes these titles feel free, both creatively and financially. Fortunately, not everyone is so empty.


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Some DC games demonstrate incredible passion. They pay special attention to knowledge and characters created over several decades. Even the darkest faces get a lip in these headlines. Such deep cuts lend a commendable authenticity to the experience. Truly, these games are love letters to DC fans.

5 The Batman: Arkham series

Deep cuts with the Dark Knight lead to an epic saga

Biography of the character Clayface in Batman: Arkham Asylum

of Batman: Arkham games are some of the best superhero titles on the market and succeed by diving deep into one of the greatest costumed crime fighters. Playing in this series is like experiencing the most intense Batman capers. The gameplay deftly captures all aspects of his nocturnal escapades: intuitive detective work, satisfying heists and free-flowing combat. These are smooth as butter. What’s more is that they take place in a grimly stylized Gotham from a gritty graphic novel. However, these games are not just style.

of Arkham the series is also packed with content. A wealth of detail lies beneath the surface. Throughout the adventures, players interact with countless heroes and villains from Batman’s lore. Even those not physically visible get a tip of the hat through puzzles or references. Solving their brain teasers unlocks bios detailing their comic history, complete with debut dates. It’s no mystery why the world’s greatest detective reigns supreme in the hearts of fans.

4 The Injustice Series

A diverse roster represents a larger universe in these Otherworldly tales

Worst Super Combos - Injustice 2 Scarecrow

Injustice 2

May 11, 2017


of Injustice The IP offers an alternative approach to the DC Universe, and that means the entire Universe. This fighting title juggles the lore and stories of its massive cast. Though the plot threatens to burst at the seams, it eventually weaves these elements organically into an ensemble adventure. Every member of the Justice League — both big and small — has a role to play at some point. During these instances, their personalities shine as much as their powers, especially when faced with alternate versions of themselves. Aquaman, for example, is disgusted by his counterpart handing over Atlantis to Superman. Of course, that doesn’t mean their powers have no role to play. Injustice selects its respected roster from across the DC spectrum. The characters’ abilities inform their movesets, helping with variety while fitting well within the genre. The second match goes even further in this direction.


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Injustice 2 brings some faces that rarely share the spotlight with the heavy hitters. Examples include Gorilla Grodd, Atrocitus, Firestorm, Blue Beetle, Doctor Fate, and Swamp Thing. Not only do they mess up the gameplay, but their presence makes the story completely unpredictable. They all have their own agendas in this otherworldly tale and sport unique gifts to turn the tide. Such a free-for-all can only come from a thorough understanding of the comic mythos.

3 Justice League Heroes

An overlooked RPG has an impressive comic pedigree

The team in Justice League Heroes

Justice League Heroes

September 10, 2006

Action RPG

Why not let die-hard fans build their own teams? Justice League Heroes is a top-down shooter where players choose a squad of characters to fight against various enemies. They strengthen those heroes through RPG elements. The formula is basically the same as X-Men Legends AND Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and excels in many of the same areas. The game offers simple, arcade-style fun while adding depth through stat boosts and unlocks. This approach would be enough on its own, but the biggest appeal comes from how the writing ties it all together.

The script comes courtesy of Dwayne McDuffie, the man behind some well-known comics as well as animated gems like Static shock AND Justice League Infinite. He’s great at making character dynamics feel sharp and relatable. He doesn’t just portray the Justice League as heroes; he shows them as people. That’s how it stays here, as the members of the League bounce off each other in a way rarely seen. Their easy chemistry is hard to achieve in any medium, but McDuffie makes it look easy in Justice League Heroes.

2 Lego DC games

Hundreds of characters make up this blocky DC playset

Batman and Joker in Lego DC Super-Villains

of LEGO games are famous for including even the most obscure characters in their rosters. So they take Injustice’s love for lesser-known figures and multiply it tenfold. Their DC titles – LEGO Batman trilogy and LEGO DC Super-Villains – are real playgrounds for fans. These silly stories don’t just involve the Justice League or the Legion of Punishment, instead they involve a host of forgotten faces from other teams. Teen Titans, Crime Syndicate, multiple Lantern groups and even Detective Chimp are available. Plus, they’re everywhere.


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These guys run rampant in iconic locations like Gotham, Metropolis, Smallville, Oa, Apokolips and the Justice League Watchtower. Multi-level hubs are filled with cheeky easter eggs, puzzles and side quests. Finding these goodies unlocks more characters along with their specialized vehicles. Ever wanted to ride Lobo’s space bike through Smallville? of LEGO games make that strange dream possible. Granted, these portrayals are completely ridiculous, but poking fun at popular properties is where the Lego series shines. Suffice it to say, avid DC readers will get every joke.

1 DC Universe Online

Fans can create their own legends within this vibrant DC landscape

Superman in DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online

January 11, 2011

The developer
Dimensional paint games

This title benefits greatly from its medium. DC Universe Online allows players to create their own characters and train under famous icons in costume. Taking on missions from these icons sees them solve various crimes, develop their skills and get better equipment. Latent knowledge informs that progress. One mission might see them round up a rampaging Solomon Grundy, while another might help Poison Ivy spread her monstrous plants around Gotham. Every hero or villain has a place, and their duties stem from that place. These goals take fans to seemingly every corner of the DC Universe. They visit not only major cities, but also other planets and time periods. Destinations can be as close as Central City or as far as Thanagar. These aspects carry the broad appeal of Lego titles, the depth of role-playing of Justice League Heroesand the otherworldly wit of Injustice. That said, an MMO carries the potential for even more content.

As such, DCUO has seen continuous support for over a decade. Developers continue to add to the world (or worlds), using decades of fictional history as inspiration. New storylines come from classic comics like The blackest night, The Judas contract, Justice League DarkAND Birds of prey. Basically, fans can play through their favorite superhero exploits and get personally involved in their most important events. It is every believer’s dream, which is exactly what it is DCUO decide to be.


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