Derry woman Myra has been crowned Miss Slinky in the slimming world

Meet the wonderful Myra️️, who has been crowned Miss Slinky. Myra has also been a target member for 15 years – What a remarkable achievement.

Read Myra’s story:

I started my journey into the world of slimming more than 16 years ago, hard to believe, at Creggan Community Centre.

At that time I had no intention of joining any group, as my friend asked me to go just to support her.

Unknown to me, I was curious just to be weightless, and be there for support for my friend.

Well, I actually freaked out with the scale asking if they were accurate.

So my starting weight was 11 stone 7 kilos.

I became so comfortable with my bad eating habits, I hadn’t noticed how bad.

Until I thought about what my food was really like.

Eating a dessert my breakfast consisted of Mars bar, Kit Kat or Twix, continuing the same for lunch, evening or bedtime, very few meals, so that’s when the light bulb went on.

Having a background and history in my family of diabetes. This is the last thing I wanted.

In my first week I followed the program unsure of what I was doing. Although I really liked the change and the taste of food, I craved sweet things all the time, but I wanted to change for me.

We both came back this time as a team supporting each other. Losing a surprising 51/2 pounds.

My friend also had a good weight loss. So we were both satisfied and thought ok, let’s go with it. Staying in the group every week was certainly the best recipe as you learned so much.

My journey every week I got excited about the weigh-in.

I felt healthier inside. In fact seeing the health benefits and full dedication to the property of the ear. Within 12 weeks I reached my goal.

I continued to go to the group every week even as a Target member.

I cut and changed groups as I didn’t want to miss out. Life was busy, but I was fully committed, I participate in Da Vinci’s group.

I stayed there for a few years and enjoyed meeting all the new members again. I can also remember the beginning of the two Patricias, wonderful to see their journey and transformation, which I really admire amazingly.

Our consultants give us hope and support to say YES THIS really is achievable, I found a different love again with Slimming world not only as a member, but as a Target member Opens a New Window.

Our consultants bring the group together which means that each individual is very important.

Welcoming the happiest of taunts when I saw what I call my friends of the slimming world excited to see them on a Thursday became more interesting. I was entered into the Miss social team raffle tickets.

The answer really is that our consultants care that they want to see and make people happy within themselves, that too is on the journey. I thought once people’s words can break you or make you stronger.

As I had reached my goal weight. A lady behind me didn’t say quietly What is she going for.

I felt proud correcting him to let it go.

All of our trips are different that I was participating in to change my eating habits.

So it should be £2 2 stone 20 stone.

You won’t feel unwanted in a world slimming group

I keep saying that our little group is like an extended family of really amazing friends, the transformations are unreal.

We are all blessed and so thankful to support each other.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you.

My Diamonds has you all in the group every week.

If you’re one of those people like me, come along, you won’t be a stranger and you’ll probably wonder what you’re missing.

I am so honored to be crowned Miss Slinky and a member of the diamond and IT COULD BE YOU TOO.

To find out more about joining your nearest group: – visit or check out Slimming World Derry on Facebook.










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