Dragon’s Dogma 2: How to Fast Travel

Travel through the world of Dragon’s Dogma 2 with this fast travel guide.

DracoS ‘ Dogma 2 features a vast open world that contains a huge variety of content for players to explore. From the game’s opening moments, the open world is on full display. Like many open world games that have come before it, the question of how to quickly traverse that world becomes a question that many players will be searching for the answer to.

Where Dragon’s Dogma 2 separates it from its contemporaries, is that many of the game’s core mechanics are not readily apparent to those just starting out. Rest assured, however, that Dragon’s Dogma 2 features a fast travel system. This guide will explain how that system works and where players will find the tools to use it within the game world.


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How to fast travel in Dragon’s Dogma 2


This guide is still a work in progress and will feature all the popular fast travel methods currently known. As more methods become known, they will be added accordingly.

There are two main modes of fast travel Dragon’s Dogma 2. The methods are as follows:

  • Oxcart ride
  • Ferrystones & Portcrystals

How to use Oxcart Travel in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Bullock carts were introduced very early Dragon’s Dogma 2, and will likely serve as the most common form of fast travel during the early parts of the game. Carts follow a few key rules:

  • They only travel along a certain route. The player cannot change or change the destination of a bullock cart. For example, there are bullock carts that go from Melve to Vernworth, and vice versa.
  • Carts cost a single fee per use. This fee varies depending on the route, but is often a low amount.
  • Ox carts are only available during the day. Trips can often last into the night, but you can only start a trip during the day.

How to use Ferrystones and Portcrystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Ferrystones and Portcrystals are a system that works more in line with traditional fast travel systems, but requires players to be much more careful when using it. Each of these two items plays an important role in the process and works in the following ways:


  • Ferrystones are consumable items found in treasure chests throughout the game world. Various merchants will have these items in their inventories, but they are quite expensive. For example, Morris at the Rest Town Checkpoint sells them for 10,000 gold.
  • Ferrystones are single-use magical stones that expend their energy to transport the player to their destination.
  • When a Ferrystone is used, a list of destinations will open, allowing players to select their desired location.

Port crystals:

  • Crystal ports are destination points for fast travel. There are two types of Crystal Ports that players will interact with Dragon’s Dogma 2.
  • The first type is permanent and will be found in the main cities and towns DD2. Once players have interacted with a Portcrystal once, it will always be available in the destination list.
  • The second type of Portcrystal can be placed by the player at any location in the game world. The tutorial section explains that players can place up to ten of these Portcrystals, and they can also be picked up and moved to a different location whenever the player chooses. It is not known when this type of crystal becomes available. This information will be included here when it becomes available.

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