EBONY Weekend Playlist: New Music From Usher, Latto, GloRilla & More!

EBONY Weekend Playlist: New Music From Usher, Latto, GloRilla & More!

Welcome to the weekend! We’re here with the latest EBONY Weekend Playlist, highlighting the freshest releases from New Music Friday that are causing buzz across the board. Whether you’re cruising in the car or engaged in conversation, these songs are sure to set the stage for an unforgettable weekend. As we enter a new month, be sure to tune in and soak in these vibes.

Exciting times in the music world! With Usher releasing his ninth studio album shortly before his Super Bowl performance, fans can’t wait for the new tunes. Latto has teased her upcoming single with an intriguing cover featuring the faces of other female rappers, adding to the anticipation. GloRilla’s return with fresh music means we’ll hear that special Memphis sound once again. Happy Friday! New music always adds an extra spark to the weekend. Enjoy and create unforgettable memories!

Latto’s latest cover art has sparked intense conversation across the internet, as it features the faces of other prominent female rappers crossed over. This provocative image has sparked speculation among fans, with many questioning whether the song is a diss song or not. Anticipation intensified further with the release of footage for “Sunday Service”. The striking visuals, combined with the controversial cover art, have undoubtedly sparked curiosity and intrigue within the music community, leaving fans eager to decipher the underlying message behind Latto’s latest artistic expression.

Image: Courtesy of mega/gamma.

Usher’s versatility and ability to experiment with different sounds keeps fans eager for his new releases. Mixing Afrobeats into his repertoire shows his willingness to explore and innovate within the music industry. It looks like this album will be another exciting chapter in his career!

Image: Courtesy of CMG/Interscope Records

GloRilla’s ability to create anthems suitable for both the car ride and the club scene speaks volumes for her versatility and appeal to a wide audience. Bringing back the Memphis sound adds a unique flavor to her music, keeping things fresh and exciting for her fans. Looks like she’s ready to make a big splash with her latest release!

Image: Courtesy of RCA Records.

Nardo’s collaboration with Lil Baby on “Hot Boy” was a success, so teaming up with Sexyy Red from St. Louis for something new that will certainly attract attention. It’s always exciting to see artists expanding their network and bringing fresh voices to their music. Fans will be eager to hear what they cooked up together!

Exploring black life in America is a deep and important topic, especially during Black History Month. Rhymfest’s decision to delve into this conversation with its first single shows a commitment to addressing important social and cultural issues through its music. It is an opportunity to spark meaningful dialogue and reflection within his audience.

NLE Choppa’s new single sounds like a heartfelt tribute to his friend Tae Grape and offers listeners a glimpse into the Memphis lifestyle. It is commendable how he honors his friend through his music. Additionally, joining A Boogie on tour this spring is a great opportunity for him to connect with fans and showcase his talent on a bigger stage. Looks like he’s gearing up for an impactful year ahead!

He-He is
Image: Courtesy of Traphousejodeci Music Group.

Ye Ali returns with a new EP filled with R&B vibes that is sure to excite fans who appreciate his songwriting and production talents. While he’s no stranger to creating hits for other artists, it’s always a special moment when he returns to the spotlight with his own music. His ability to create immersive R&B experiences makes this EP a must-listen for anyone who craves soulful melodies and smooth grooves. It looks like he is ready to captivate the audience once again with his unique sound and undeniable artistry.

Chief Keef and Mike will make it happen. Image: John Canon.

A collaboration with Drake is a huge moment for any artist, and it’s great to hear that Chief Keef is continuing to release new music this year. It looks like he’s on the move, building momentum with high-profile collaborations and new releases. Fans will be looking forward to what he has in store for them next!

Image: Courtesy of Kith/GoodTalk

Cam’ron’s collaboration with Kith for their first music release is a major milestone, innovatively bringing together fashion and music. The launch of Kith Records along with the soundtrack for the Spring 2024 collection adds an extra layer of excitement and anticipation for fans of the brand’s music and Cam’ron. It is a unique opportunity to experience the intersection of fashion and music culture.

Image: Courtesy of Atlantic Records.

Kaliii’s ability to mix different sounds and samples in her music keeps her art fresh and exciting. Sampling Keyshia Cole’s hit song “Love” adds a nostalgic touch while also showcasing her creativity in reinterpreting a classic. It looks like her new single will offer fans a new perspective while paying homage to a beloved song.

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