Egyptian Daily | Entertainment Column: New Wave released for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Nintendo released the second wave of downloadable content for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on August 4. Cups for this wave are Turnip AND Impeller cup. I was very excited for this wave to be released because I enjoyed playing the first wave (see the review) and couldn’t wait for the next wave to come out and see what tracks would be added next.

Before I could start racing the new tracks, I had to choose my character and design my card. For my character, I chose Yoshi because he is my favorite. When it comes to what I would ride, I always choose go-karts because I think they are easier to ride than bikes.

The first track I passed was The New York Minute IN Turnip cup. This song was released in Mario Kart Tour mobile app.

When the race started, I drove past Times Square and then returned to Central Park. As I was driving through the green, I had to make sure I didn’t turn too early or too late because I would end up in the grass, which would slow me down.

As soon as I left the park, I ended up back in the square. On my way back through the square, I had to dodge tour buses and taxis and, on the second lap, it forced me to the end of the park.

As I walked through the park, it took me back to Times Square. The final lap is set up the same as the second, but a section of the park that was not available to ride in the first two laps is now open. The new area takes you to a parking garage.

of The New York Minute the track was my second favorite track in this cup. One of the things I liked most about it was the ability to drive around the square and just the general details that went into that area.

the next song, Circuit Mariooriginally released in Super Nintendo. This track was created as a regular race track, but only with certain elements from the Super Mario game on the side, such as the blocks you hit to get items and the giant piranha plants. When I played this song by myself, it wasn’t as exciting as if I had played with my friends because I was competing against the computers.

Kalimar desert it was the third track in the cup and first appeared on the Nintendo 64. I really enjoyed it because it had a healthy amount of obstacles that kept me on my toes, such as avoiding the train.

When I started the track I had to be careful which side I dived in because if I did it too early I would end up stuck in the sand. During the second lap, you end up driving on a rail for the rest of the lap. It was difficult for me to avoid the train while on the tracks because if I went too far I would hit the train. On the third lap I spent the rest of the race driving through the railway tunnel.

The last track of this cup was Waluigi Pinball, which was my all time favorite track in this cup. Waluigi Pinball was released for DS version of Mario Kart. Throughout this track, I was driving inside a giant pinball machine. When the race started, I was shot through a portal that sent me to where the pinball is machined.

Once I made it, I drove into the actual game area. While driving around the area I had to avoid getting hit by pinballs. I say this track was my favorite because I thought it was fun to drive through a real pinball machine, and trying to avoid the pinballs was twice as fun.

second cup, Impeller cup had equally fun songs, the first track was that Sydney Sprint, Which came out in Mario Kart Tour that takes you Sydney Australia.

The race began by driving around a well-known port in Sydney, Port Jackson. After driving around the harbour, I went through the harbor for a short while Sydney Opera House. Before you have to drive over a speed ramp. After going through the ramp, I continued the race walking past a carnival area. Then I ended up driving in front of a train track.

During the second and third laps, the track flipped over and I had to drive on the port side. Driving through that area required me to make a lot of sharp turns in order to get the multiple speed boosts at the end.

The second track of this cup was snow land, this song was first released on Nintendo Gameboy Advance. It was really fun to play because most of the course was played on ice and I got to drive around the penguins.

At the beginning of the race, I started driving on an icy road. While driving on the road, I had to avoid penguins walking on the road. Once I got off the road, I had to drive on a piece of ice and I had to be extremely careful when it came to moving because, if I did it too late or too early, I would fall into this hole in the ice.

The other track was Mushroom throat, which came out in Wii. At the beginning of this track, I drove on a dirt road that leads to two different trails. On the first lap I took the first road, which led me straight into a cave full of mushrooms that I had to jump through to reach the finish line. On the second lap, I went through the second path which allowed me to get closer to the higher mushrooms so I could move forward faster.

The last track was Sky High Sundae. This track is a brand new addition to the Mario Kart franchise and includes many trends. Throughout the track, the player moves through this ice cream-themed world. I first started at an ice cream shop and then went off a ramp that took me straight through an ice cream cone.

After the cone, I had to climb a set of stairs that lead me to this giant ice cream loop, probably my favorite part of the track.

Wave two of the DLC did not disappoint. I loved almost every song. I was surprised when they added the new song Sky High Sundae because when the DLC announcement came out I was waiting for all the remastered courses. For the third wave, I hope they add more new songs because playing new songs is always exciting.

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