Essentials for creating a couples playroom

Essentials for creating a couples playroom

Who needs flowers? This Valentine’s Day, gamer couples should build something that will last as long as they want: a dedicated gaming space. Especially useful for couples who have been together for a long time, furnishing a room with all the gaming equipment players could want, plus creature comforts that give the room just the right vibe, is the perfect way to Clinging to the roots of the relationship even when life gets bigger. and busier. Whether it’s a PC-only home or one that includes a mix of platforms, gamers will want some or all of this gaming hardware in their new shared space.


The best Valentine’s Day gifts for gamers

These cool and cute Valentine’s Day gifts are perfect for gamers, and they’re not all video game themed flowers and chocolates!

The best game room for couples

Couples playing together…

Sure, it’s a popular trope on TikTok and Twitch for couples to play together, side-by-side or side-by-side, but is it a good idea for the average gamer? For some couples, yes. There are many benefits to having a shared play space for couples who love to play together:

  • It’s much easier to seize play equipment from children and pets. No need to worry about broken game boxes or chewed wires when everything is in its own, separate room.
  • Sleeping children are less likely to be awakened when the sound of games is contained in a single, small room. Sound deadening insulation can also help, while using a baby monitor will keep parents at ease.
  • Having a separate space makes it easier to plan playtime together. Even though it’s just another room, it can be a nice change of pace from sitting back on the couch, and even a slight change in venue can help maintain consistency.
  • All the cool player decor doesn’t detract from the rest of the home design. Gamers love RGB, but that doesn’t mean they want it everywhere! However, in a playroom, almost any decor can be justified with style.
  • There may be some energy savings if couples spend more time in a single playroom of their home than in the rest of the house or apartment. The heat reduction won’t really affect gamers who sit in an enclosed space with lots of electronics running. Similarly, any cold should affect only one room, and not the whole place.

The best budget accessory for a couples game room

Kytok Switch Charging Dock & Games Organizer Station with Controller Charger

The Nintendo Switch has a wide range of fans, from casual gamers to competitive fighting enthusiasts, and couples have plenty of options with the system. The Kytok Switch Charging Dock is perfect for maximizing space in a gaming room while staying organized among a multitude of games and controllers.

There are more than a handful of great games for couples on the Switch, including workout and party games that really get people moving. Having your Joy-Cons fully charged is a must for these games, and with this charging dock, it’s easy to set it up and forget it until your next gaming session. Kytok’s Switch Station can hold up to 28 games and offers space for both the Switch itself and the dock, making it ideal for placing in front of a TV. Two pro controller holders on the sides leave plenty of open space for connecting charging cords, while the dock has its own power cord for charging the Joy-Cons.


The best game controllers

Although it looks a bit bulky and doesn’t score many style points, for couples who love Nintendo and have a lot of Switch games and accessories, this charging station will save time and space when it comes to gaming together.

The ultimate premium accessory for a couples game room

HONBAY Modular Sectional Reversible Sleeper Sofa

Most gamers have seen this kind of massive online bed setup with Twitch streamers and TikTok stars, and the reality is not far off. Best for very large spaces, this section is perfect for gaming couples and just about anyone else, with plenty of available seating that can be effortlessly rearranged on the fly.

The set features six plush sofa seats and two ottomans, all of which can be attached using sturdy metal brackets to form different layouts. Plus, each seat includes a built-in space under the cushion, providing plenty of space for pillows and blankets.

Of course, the main attraction is the ability to turn this couch into a super comfy bed from which gamers can play or watch whatever they want with their Valentine. The high sides provide comfortable support for sitting, while the detachable cushions can be used for stretching. Additional pieces can also be purchased if players need more space to spread out during the game. Plus, this stylish sectional is available in three colors, including aqua blue.

Editor’s Choice for a couples playroom

L Seats Table

A good table is the foundation of any gaming room, but especially with couples, having a dedicated space for each player is essential. Not only is the seat affordable, but it’s also extremely versatile. Even console gamers can fit in this table, which has a wide top that can hold all kinds of gaming equipment and is pre-equipped with a stylish and customizable RGB lighting.

Each desk comes with a computer tower shelf below the top to maximize available space, while also offering a built-in charging station, complete with four power outlets and two USB ports, so couples definitely won’t have to fight for space. ‚Äčor struggle with cord management. Furthermore, each player can have their own personalized experience with this table. Although two matching tables would look best, there are different finishes to choose from, including black, grey, rustic brown and white.

Players can also choose other Sedeta gaming tables, which are almost as compatible as identical tables, if they prefer different storage options, such as shelves or a filing cabinet. Once the table is chosen, it’s easy to combine two of them side by side, back to back, or even in an L shape along a corner. The cohesive design works well in any large room, although it really needs to be a large room to fit the tables. However, once set up, these desks provide ample space for displays, controllers, keyboards, speakers, and any other gaming accessories a couple might need.


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Q: How much does a video game room cost?

Game rooms typically cost around $3,000 to set up, at least to start. Game rooms need some sort of computer or game console, which usually costs between $500 and $2,000. They also need furniture such as desks and chairs, along with accessories such as headsets, a mouse and keyboard or controller, and lighting, all of which add up quickly.

Q: What is the best size for a playroom?

The best size for a playroom is about the same as the best size for a bedroom: 12 feet by 12 feet. However, more compact structures can fit into much smaller spaces, while more dynamic layouts require additional space to accommodate tables, couches or entertainment centers in the same room.

Q: Do couples have to play in the same room?

If couples who play video games are looking to spend more time together, gaming in the same room can be a quick and easy solution. However, couples should consider whether they play similar games or if one person’s favorite genre is much louder or has more stimulating content than the other’s. Additionally, online co-op gaming can be more difficult with headphones, given that echo is almost guaranteed when sitting next to each other.

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