Fantasy Midfielder Bargains for LaLiga

Taking advantage of the break The leagueWe are going to make a compilation of interesting players by position in fantasy. We already started with the bargains goalkeepers and we continue with the defenses What can you do? Now it’s the turn of midfielders in Biwenger, Communion, Football, Mister, LaLiga Fantasy and kick base team in the coming days.

The vast majority of them are rising at the moment, so you can also speculate with them. During the week we will be releasing other articles from midfielders and forwards.

Midfielder Bargains

Kouamé (Cádiz CF)


We begin the review of midfielder bargains with one of the players who has been earning the position as is Kouamé. Although he was adding minutes, he was not consistent. It has been precisely with the arrival of Pellegrino with whom he has managed to settle in the center of the field. Three consecutive titles and increasingly more regularly despite the results of his team.

Market value: 970,000
Target Price: 1,450,000

Parejo (Villarreal)


One of the names of this season finale in LaLiga EA Sportsnot only for the improvement of Villarreal in this part of the year with Marcelino but precisely because of its “low” price compared to other seasons. The team is getting stronger and stronger, convincing more in his game and getting results forward more regularly.

One of the positions that has been reinforced by this has been that of the midfield. Although none of the players were convincing, they finally seem to have found stability with a Couple unleashed since the victory against Granada. Now, with no Europe in sight this year, it should be a fixture for the rest of the year.

Market value: 5,820,000
Target Price: 6,500,000

André Almeida (Valencia CF)

We are talking about another of the players who is returning, although in his case it is from a long injury. The Portuguese midfielder He has been off the playing fields for 19 days between injuries and lack of minutes. Precisely before the break he added his first minutes as a substitute.

Now it is expected that he can begin to fight to regain a position that was his before the injury. We will see if he is able to take advantage of the Baraja team’s play to bring out your best version again. A footballer who last season reached six and a half million in Biwenger and which is currently at €620,000.

Market value: 620.000
Target Price: 1,000,000

Yellu (Getafe CF)

Source: Getafe CF

Another of the clear names regarding bargains among midfielders. And it is that a signing that seemed to be thinking about the future and extending a short squad, has quickly become important. Express request from Bordaláswho already had it in Valencia. He has already added his first titles, but the most important thing is that You already know what it’s like to score with Getafe. He did it precisely before the break to give his team three points against Girona.

Market value: 220,000
Target Price: 700,000

Fran Beltrán (Celta)

Source: LaLiga

One of the most benefited in this cchange of coach on the Celta bench is none other than Fran Beltrán. Already in Giráldez’s first game with Celta we have seen a clear change, but a player like Fran Beltrán who was not having his best season can now shine. After the doubts of recent monthsadds seven consecutive titles. Nobody should remove him from his position in the short term and he only has to go up in scores.

Market value: 930,000
Target Price:1,300,000

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