Fiorentina-Atalanta 1-0, the report cards: Carnesecchi takes it all, only Mandragora surpasses him

Final result: Fiorentina – Atalanta 1-0

FIORENTINA (by Dimitri Conti)

Terracciano 6.5 – He spends the entire first part as an unpaid spectator, in the second he also has to save and is attentive, especially towards Hien.

kayode 6 – He plays well as a guard in the defensive phase, he lacks a bit of shamelessness when he has to attack in the lane. He comes back too many times.

Milenkovic 6 – Highly criticized after the test against Milan, the Italian confirmed it from minute 1. And in response the Serbian, with some small exciting episodes, solidified himself again.

Ranieri 6 – Upon returning to the starting eleven, he shows off his best collection: attention and few frills. But also a goal eaten two steps away.

Paris 6.5 – Rediscovered as a starter more than two months after the last time, he will remain on the pitch for ninety minutes plus added time. Excellent in both phases.

Buenaventura 6.5 – The older you get, the more capable you are of doing things. This time he has to replace Arthur in Viola’s game and reinterprets the role of the point guard in his own way.

Mandrake 7.5 – Already above average after the first half hour, he reinforces his performance with the ballistic skill that unlocks the game. Beautiful goal.

Gonzalez 6.5 – Fiorentina needs it, the Argentine has understood it and responds with a performance made up of a thousand shots and go-go chases. With assistance attached.

Beltran 6 – Italiano, who came to Serie A as a forward, is transforming him into an attacking midfielder. It’s not easy to adapt: ​​still little precision, but he moves well.
Dal 78′ Arturo sv.

Kouamé 5.5 – Second appearance since he became available again, for the second time as a starter. He doesn’t have the rhythm of his best days and it shows.

Belotti 6 – The Rooster has to free himself from an unpleasant mark like Hien’s. Between benches and pivot play, he still gets a six.
Dall’85’ Ikone sv.

Vincenzo Italiano 6.5 – As is tradition, there are some surprises in the lineup: Arthur starts on the bench, but above all Parisi returns from the first minute, more than two months after the last time. Fiorentina takes a little while to get going but from the halfway point of the first half they take over the inertia of the match, even partially giving up dribbling. He concludes by taking refuge and he is right, at least for the first leg. Viola in Bergamo with a goal margin.

ATLANTA (by Andrea Losapio)

Carnesecchi 7.5 – After a quarter of an hour he had to put on his gloves for a complicated free kick by Mandrágora. Shortly after he placed a full house in Beltrán, as he already did on the Saturday before Easter in Osimhen. On the other hand, a great save on González’s header in the second half, which was repeated shortly after by the Argentine. If Atalanta still has a chance for the second leg it is largely thanks to him.

Djim City 6 Kouame doesn’t sink too much, he spends a fairly comfortable evening compared to his companions.

He 6.5 – He has some difficulties when Belotti breaks, perhaps a little more cumbersome. But in close combat it is difficult to move. He calls Terracciano to intervene with a volley, even from an inconspicuous angle.

Kolasinac 6 – Double save midway through the first half, especially from the ground with a confident shot. However, he has problems with Nico González, who runs and has a different pace than him.

Oak 5.5 – Imprecise in his stops and passes, in some situations he seems distracted, half a vote more for a decline that creates havoc.
From 89′ Hateboer sv.

Pasalico 5 – Preferred by Ederson for his excellent form in recent games, he struggled like everyone else in the first half and was substituted at the end of it.
Day 46′ Ederson 6.5 – The dribbling is clearly different, but also the substance compared to the Croatian. He deflects a shot from Belotti.

De Roon 5 – Same game, more of a stone than a hammer trying to build the game from the defensive line. They often pressure him and bend him so as not to make him think, throwing too much. He receives a yellow card for protests, he risks a second kick from behind.

Ruggeri 5 – Just a cross, hitting the opponent squarely. Behind him he does not fight with Kayode, but it must also be said that the opponent in front does not sink.
From 60′ baker 6 – He has the opportunity to double the advantage on the left, but wastes it by making a mistake on the diagonal that suffocates him too much. .

Koopmeiners 5.5 – The most anticipated, he is the only one who shoots on goal in the first half, stopped by Mandrágora. A rather boring evening for the rest, without making much of an impact.

Miranchuk 5 – Napoli’s excellent performance allows them to play from the first minute, without leaving a trace of their performance. Little helped by his teammates, he instead receives a warning.
Day 46′ Scamaca 6 – He does more in a few seconds (he misses a very easy goal) than the person he replaces. He tries to attack from the outside on a couple of occasions and challenges Terracciano with an attempt that bounces in front of him. He seriously risks receiving a red card at the end for a tackle on Milenkovic.

Lookman 6.5 – He puts pressure on Kayode and Milenkovic, often alone, stealing balls and taking pressure off the defense. Suggests excellent support for Bakker, he is generally the most animated.
At 77′ Touré St.

Gian Piero Gasperini 5 – He prefers two mobile attackers to Scamacca, making a completely wrong decision. He tries to act but his Atalanta today does not work as usual. He has time to make up for it when he returns.

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