Football: “Project 2036”, the film that denounces the toxicity of the parents of young players

His film could have been called “Project Mbappé”. “But surely he would have had problems with the family, like Mohamed Henni (the Marseille influencer was warned about a hamburger in reference to the PSG striker),” laughs Nicolas Khamsopha, director of the short film. “Project 2036”. He talks about a phenomenon that is growing more and more among parents, called “Project Mbappé”.

“I’m only here for one thing: to see him professionally in 2036,” says actress Isabelle Vitari, who plays the role of the mother, during the film. The short film tells the story of Rayanne, 8 years old, with the PSG shirt stuck to her back with Kylian Mbappé, forced to perform very advanced exercises by order of her father. With her phone, her mother doesn’t miss a beat and records to spread the images on TikTok. A local journalist also comes to question the man who is seen as a phenomenon by his parents, whom we later see arguing… We understand that after having seen their respective sports careers aborted, they now put all their hopes in their son.

“I mainly wanted to show it to the parents and less to the child. It is the parents who communicate with each other. The child doesn’t care. It is the parents’ project,” explains the director.

But these scenes are not just fiction and the director’s imagination. Young people are increasingly experiencing them throughout France. The prospect of changing their lives thanks to their children’s sporting success pushes parents to cross boundaries.

“I wanted to show its toxicity, which generates surprising behaviors,” continues Nicolas Khamsopha. We are really on a hot topic with the recent cases of parents in Montrouge or elsewhere. With this short film I hope to raise awareness and send messages. We launch an alert to open debates. I wrote the film in April, we shot it in September and I wanted to release it quickly so that it would have more impact because the subject matter is compelling. »

“The goal is to turn it into a feature film in the short term”

“Projet 2036” is the fifth short film by Nicolas Khamsopha, a 30-year-old director from Yvelines, already awarded several times. He produced it 50/50 with the Toulouse company Atome Fims (total budget of 12,000 euros). For the first time he explores a world that is close to him: that of football. “It’s also a dedication to my father, who wanted me to be a professional,” he smiles. A big supporter of OM, Nicolas Khamsopha played between the ages of 6 and 13 for the Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines club. For 6 years he worked as an editor and community manager for the site Oh My Goal.

“I received many videos from parents who wanted to highlight their child and make him a star. On the networks we were talking more and more about the Mbappé Project. This is what made me want to embark on this short film project. To prepare, I interviewed many former coaches I had who expressed their feelings to me. I understood that the atmosphere was becoming increasingly catastrophic on campus due to the excessive behavior of certain parents. »

The first receptions are very favorable. The film team is in advanced talks with cinema operators to distribute it. “We also hope to show it at as many festivals as possible and find a television station,” explains Nicolas Khamsopha, who sees even further. “The goal is to turn it into a short-term feature film,” he concludes. There is still a long way to go but we really believe in it. I want to spend time in clubs, go see educators to get even more material for a film. »

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