Gartner identifies key emerging technologies expanding immersive experiences, accelerating AI automation, and optimizing technologist deployment

“All the technologies in this Hype Cycle are at an early stage, but some are new and there is great uncertainty about how they will evolve. Such technologies present greater risks to deployment, but potentially greater benefits to early adopters who can evaluate and leverage them in line with their organization’s ability to handle unproven technologies,” said Gary Olliffe. , VP Distinguished Analyst at Gartner.

Three themes of emerging technology trends

Development and expansion of immersive experiences: The future of digital experience is immersive. A collection of emerging technologies supports such experiences through dynamic virtual representations, environments and ecosystems of customers and people, and new ways of engaging users. With these technologies, individuals can control their identities and data and experience virtual ecosystems that can be integrated with digital currencies. These technologies help reach customers in new ways to strengthen or open new revenue streams.

Technologies to watch that provide immersive experiences in development and expansion are the metaverse, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), super apps and Web3, decentralized identity, digital people, the customer’s digital twin, and internal talent marketplaces.

Accelerated AI Automation: Adoption of AI is expanding as an integral part of products, services and solutions. This is accelerating the creation of specialized AI models that can be applied to automate model development, training, and deployment. AI automation refocuses the role of humans in AI development, resulting in more accurate predictions and decisions and faster time to expected benefits.

Technologies supporting accelerated AI automation are autonomous systems, causal artificial intelligence, foundational models, generative design AI, and machine learning code generation.

Offering optimized technology: Successful digital businesses are built, not bought. A group of emerging technologies focuses on communities of producers of products, services and solutions, such as fusion teams and the platforms they use. These technologies provide feedback and insights that optimize and accelerate the delivery of products, services and solutions and increase the resilience of business operations.

Critical technologies that are optimizing technologist delivery are augmented FinOps, cloud data ecosystems, cloud persistence, compute storage, cyber security mesh architecture, data observation, dynamic risk governance, industry cloud platforms, minimal architecture applicable, observation-driven development, OpenTelemetry, and platform engineering.

Gartner clients can read more in Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2022.

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