Glenview Art League hosts 35th Annual Youth Art Fair

Glenview Art League hosts 35th Annual Youth Art Fair

Glenview Art League hosts 35th Annual Youth Art Fair

Artwork by local students was on display for the public during Saturday’s annual Youth Art Fair held at Attea High School. (Photo by Sam Rakestraw)

Creativity needs to be nurtured at a young age — a need that the Glenview Art League’s annual Youth Art Fair has been fulfilling for 35 years and counting. While the turnout for Saturday’s event (Feb. 3) wasn’t the largest, over 100 pieces of art were entered by local young artists in preschool through 12th grade.

The Glenview Youth Art Fair not only attracts entries from students in Glenview schools, but sees and encourages entries from students throughout the suburbs, including those who are homeschooled.

Entries and art projects ranged in media with drawings, paintings, collages, digital art, sculptures, and even impressive mixed media projects made from whatever participants could get their hands on.

Prizes included gift cards to Blick Art Materials for the top three finishers in each grade group. All participants also received a certificate and ribbon for their entry. The fair also featured notes on each entry where viewers could write about what they liked best or leave comments.

“I left only wanting to try new techniques. I saw color combinations that I just thought were so beautiful and that I would like to explore more. I saw work that made me feel happy,” said Glenview Art League President Deb Anderson. “I saw work that made me feel motivated. I saw work that made me feel calm, relaxed and appreciated nature or just abstract composition. I saw work that made me curious about history, and I also saw work that made me hungry. Just such variety and such an amazing show.”

The Preschool and Kindergarten groups saw a total of seven entries, which were all announced as winners together. They are Emily Bang, Grace Wilson, Hanley Byrne, Olivia Diego, Landry Hendrick, Vivian Hewitt and Ananyaa Shah.

First grade winners were Nicolas Sepulveda (Westbrook) with a mixed media piece in third, Lucas Whalen (Sacred Heart) with a painting in second, and Asher Kim (Westbrook) with a marker illustration in first.

The second grade winner’s circle was Emilie Rosinus (Sacred Heart) with a sculpture in third, Georgia Harrison (Sacred Heart) with a drawing in second, and Lola Carlisle (Westbrook) with a canvas piece in first.

Third grade winners were Gracie Meyer (St. Joan of Arc Academy) with an acrylic piece in third, Shreyan Bera (Greenbriar) with a pastel piece in second, and Ashley You (Hickory Point) with an oil and acrylic piece in the first.

“It doesn’t really matter what I draw,” Meyer said, “I always have fun. I usually like to draw different characters.”

Fourth grade winners were Michael Vergamini (Sacred Heart) with a drawing in third, Sophia Quijada (View of the Park) with an acrylic in second, and Penelope Kim (Glen Grove) with a sculpture in first.

Fifth grade winners were David Wilson (homeschool) with a sculpture in third place, Harper Dailey (Green Briar) with her piece in second and Viviana Ramirez (Pleasant Ridge) with an oil pastel in first.

In sixth grade, JJ Revilla (Oliver McCracken) placed third with digital art, Mahi Shah (Chippewa) placed second with a drawing, and Ananthaa Nagarajan placed first with a drawing.

Seventh grade winners were Leah Campanella (Our Lady of Perpetual Help) in third with an oil painting, Danny Bradley (Sacred Heart) in second with a drawing and Jordan Dayrit (Sacred Heart) with a drawing in first .

The eighth and ninth grades were united in one group. Brennan Metzger (Springman) took third place with a drawing, Emma Klatt (Glenbrook South) placed second with mixed media and Aidan Sweet (Carl Sandburg) took first with a graphite drawing.

The tenth and 12th grades were also combined. Nikolai Gartner (Grant Community) placed third with mixed media, Ryan Wu (New Trier) placed second with digital art and Sadie Oh (Glenbrook South) placed third with a piece of graffiti. Oh and Wu also tied for Best of Show.

“In terms of inspiration, I’ve always worked on what attracts me in art. So as time goes by, I draw more and more,” said Wu.

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