Globetrotting couple share stunning photos from visits to 75 countries

Globetrotting couple share stunning photos from visits to 75 countries

If these photos don’t whet your wanderlust – nothing will.

They are taken by travel couple Danielle Zito and Fede Supital Terron, who document their epic adventures through stunning photographs.

The pair met in 2017 while working on a cruise ship crossing the Atlantic from Spain’s Canary Islands to Miami. But it wasn’t until 2021 that they started traveling full-time.

They have now chosen 75 countries together and posted stunning photos on their website ( and Instagram (@scratchyourmap), where they have accumulated 22500 followers.

With their permission, MailOnline Travel has selected incredible photos and videos from their travels.

Globetrotting couple Danielle Zito and Fede Supital Terron have allowed MailOnline Travel to showcase 15 incredible photos from their adventures. They are pictured above looking at the amazing rock formations in Étretat, a town in Normandy, France
This photo captures the bright blue waters of Lago di Braies, a beautiful lake in the heart of the Dolomites
The pair are shown here in a transparent canoe enjoying the azure waters of Spanish Point, Bermuda

Danni, from New Jersey, and Fede, from Buenos Aires, said they have been traveling since they met.

The reason they photograph their travels? They said: ‘We love photography and we’ve both always had a passion for capturing memories to keep for ourselves.’

And they go to great lengths to get the perfect shot, carrying a ‘big backpack’ of photographic equipment, which includes a mirrorless camera with various lenses and a drone. They even plan their outfits to ‘match the atmosphere and colors of the destination’.

Their favorite spot they’ve caught? An island in Yemen named Socotra. Why? They said: ‘The sky is always full of stars, the waters are crystal clear and there are unique landscapes that you cannot find anywhere else.’

The pair use a variety of photographic equipment, including drones, to capture their impressive images. This aerial view shows the two relaxing in the waters off Socotra, an island of the Republic of Yemen in the Indian Ocean.
Danni and Fede stand on Kjeragbolten, a boulder trapped in a crevasse 984 m (3,228 ft) above sea level on Mount Kjerag in the Lysefjord in Norway. The popular tourist destination can be reached without any hiking equipment
The pair stand at the top of Trolltunga. One of the most amazing rock formations in Norway, it ‘hangs’ 700 meters (2296 ft) above Lake Ringedalsvatnet
Plunge into the blue-green waters of Studlagil. They describe this place on Instagram as ‘the coolest canyon in Iceland’
In this stunning photo, Danni and Fede are standing in front of the Kravica Cascade Waterfall in Bosnia and Herzegovina

They chose Iceland, Norway, Italy and Greece as some of their favorite European destinations. Reason? They said: ‘They all have super friendly people, delicious food and incredible scenery.’

And the pair chose Argentina, El Salvador and Peru as countries in the Americas they ‘really love’.

But they have not been impressed by every place they have visited. The couple said they were disappointed by Monaco.

They explained: “There’s a ton of hype around it, but really, it’s ridiculously overpriced and not that attractive a destination in our opinion.”

Similarly, Marrakech is another destination they were cheated out of.

They explained: ‘It’s a city that’s very chaotic and unfortunately we found a lot of people trying to rip us off, which not many people talk about when they’re glamorizing Marrakech.’

The pair strike a pose in front of a colorful wall at Caminito, an open-air museum and traditional alley in La Boca, a neighborhood of Buenos Aires
Danni and Fede visited Libreria Acqua Alta, an unusual bookstore in Venice with steps made of books
A starry night in Socotra, where the couple claim “the sky is always full of stars” and there are “unique landscapes you can’t find anywhere else”.
Dani and Fede stand before a beautiful sunrise on a dune in Socotra

The pair describe the trip as a “roller coaster,” the highlight of which, they said, involves sharing moments around the globe, connecting with locals, learning about new cultures and making lasting friendships.

But the lows include having their car broken into in Mexico and having their photography equipment stolen in Ecuador.

And when it comes to their jobs, they said, ‘There’s often more work than play and we have to make a lot of sacrifices.’

While they are now able to fund their adventures through content creation, blogging and photography, they said they spent the first two years dipping into their savings, working side jobs and limiting their living expenses.

They sometimes even resorted to ‘sleeping in the car, sharing a bed or living off protein bars’.

The impressive Burj Khalifa occupies the center of the left photograph. With a height of 830m, it is the tallest structure in the world and one of Dubai’s most popular attractions.
This photo captures the stunning greenery of Val di Funes, a valley in South Tyrol, Italy
Both are photographed here in the ¿fabulous¿ village of Saint-Cirq-Lapopie. In their Instagram post of this image, they say ¿might just be one of the cutest cities in all of France¿

They explained: ‘Blogging and content creation is not an overnight success and it took us a few years before we started earning real income.

“It’s harder than any job we’ve ever had, but it can certainly be done by anyone who puts their mind to it.”

The secret to their success? They said: ‘For us, number one is always communication. Discussing the places you want to travel to, the pace and style of travel, and who does what at each job is essential.’

For more from Danni and Fede, visit their website Or find it on Instagram at or TikTok

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