Harmony Korine visits a strip club for the premiere of ‘AGGRO DR1ft’ – IndieWire

Harmony Korine visits a strip club for the premiere of ‘AGGRO DR1ft’ – IndieWire

If you were hanging around the Crazy Girls gentlemen’s club in Los Angeles as Wednesday night turned into Thursday morning, the familiar haze of punchy smoke and neon might have lulled you into the false sense that this was a typical night out. of debauchery. Dollar bills littered the floor as laser lights flashed and scantily clad women twerked. The crowd of increasingly inebriated men shouted “I think you should leave” quotes and OutKast lyrics at the top of their lungs. The only thing separating it from a normal bout of Wednesday night excitement was the fact that virtually no one was watching the strippers. Despite the endless opportunities to gaze at beautiful women, all the boys’ eyes were on Harmony Korine.

Flanked by an entourage wearing the horned demon masks that have become his trademark in recent months, as well as two women in ghost makeup, an exaggerated man in what appeared to be a grotesque rubber mafia mask and several strippers, the 51-year-old man. The old filmmaker performed a DJ set in which he remixed Brazilian pop music and Linkin Park until late into the night. The show included a laser show and a video montage that combined everything from NFT-style animations and first-person shooter games to live-action footage of bikers in Miami. The whole thing could have been lifted directly from a “Spring Breakers” sequel that exists in some alternate universe. And in a way it was.

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The commotion was part of the show after the Los Angeles premiere of Korine’s latest film, “AGGRO DR1FT,” which naturally took place inside a strip club. My employment contract with IndieWire stipulates that I am only allowed to attend movie premieres that feature half-naked dancers, so I didn’t see any of the mainstream screenings of “AGGRO DR1FT” at the Venice, Toronto, and New York film festivals. However, it’s hard to imagine a better way (a relative term if there ever was one) to watch this movie than on 10 different screens, three of which were on the ceiling, and a premium sound system that accentuates the soundtrack with bass intense. The Infrared Fairy Tale has more vibes than a conventional movie and seemed destined to be used as a strip club setting. As the reds, yellows, magentas and cyans reflected off the audience members, the glow from the screens turned the entire club into a shot from a Harmony Korine film in which we all had parts.

While there’s no way to verify this, it’s safe to assume that the event set a world record for the largest number of Letterboxd users ever crammed inside a single strip club. Hundreds of exact The kind of person you’re imagining (myself included) braved a brutal storm in Los Angeles for a chance to see the infrared story of murders gone wrong. But while the first non-festival screening of a new Korine film was certainly part of the draw, the true purpose of the night was much bigger than simply a film premiere. It was a coming out party for EDGLRD.

Launching in 2023 (with the help of IndieWire veteran Eric Kohn), the Miami-based multimedia collective seems determined to turn the entire world into one big Harmony Korine movie. The company plans to produce a litany of films, video games, live events, clothing, skate gear and other immersive objects and art projects unified around the creative spirit Korine has spent decades cultivating. And while Korine has taken every recent opportunity to express her boredom with mainstream cinema, the immersive screening of “AGGRO DR1FT” demonstrated that EDGLRD is capable of creating community experiences that have always been the essence of cinema. Viewers might have been sitting in chairs next to strippers leaning against their poles, but they were all staring at the same bright walls in the same dark room.

Watching “AGGRO DR1FT” at a movie premiere where the movie was almost an afterthought, I saw EDGLRD’s vision beginning to take shape. The entire night was a celebration of Korine’s post-“Spring Breakers” aesthetic, from EDM music to the skateboards and limited-edition t-shirts that his fans voraciously purchased. Her recent output has been an endless celebration of Florida sleaze, and this was a celebration of the celebration of sleaze. If the crowd at the strip club is any indicator, EDGLRD could very well become the next Supreme, a hype-driven brand that will eventually be able to sell anything to a passionate audience who would rather live in Korine’s world than the our.

“AGGRO DR1FT” will be screening at more strip clubs and other unorthodox venues across the country in the coming months, and the tour will be the foundation of whatever EDGLRD ends up becoming. Walt Disney always loved to point out that his empire began with a mouse. This could turn into a similar situation, except it all started with sparks flying out of an infrared stripper’s vagina.

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