Here’s what’s cooking at Di Roma, San Angelo’s upcoming Italian restaurant

SAN ANGELO, Texas (Concho Valley Home) – Italian cuisine and Mexican culture will collide at Di Roma, San Angelo’s upcoming Italian restaurant. Here’s the story behind the business and a sneak peek at the menu.

Food for the soul: The story behind the restaurant

The idea that would later become Di Roma was first formed in the mind and heart of Rodolfo Cuevas, one of the restaurant’s three owners. Starting in Mexico, he moved to San Diego, California and became a chef in an Italian restaurant. His work as a chef inspired him, his wife Estela Cuevas and his daughter Mirasol Gomez to one day operate an Italian restaurant of their own.

“[The San Diego Italian restaurant] it’s where he learned everything,” said Gomez, one of the restaurant’s three owners. “He loves her.”

Time passed and Rodolfo Cuevas worked in an American restaurant in California before eventually moving to San Angelo with his family. He would find work at Napoli’s Italian restaurant in the city, where he would bide his time until the moment was right to open a family business.

A chance at a restaurant of theirs would eventually find its way to the family when in February 2024 news broke that The Crab, a popular seafood restaurant in town, would be relocating to Odessa, Texas.

“One day I saw on Facebook that Gaforrja was open for rent,” said Mirasol Gomez. “We went there and the lady in charge of the building said she had another building we might be interested in. We came, my dad saw the kitchen and he liked it.”

The building, which was previously occupied by Japanese buffet restaurant Shabu, is located at 3029 Sherwood Way and is currently being renovated.

“We hope people love it,” Gomez said. “Every small town has different interests. We hope people will like this place because it can be a little different. San Angelo needs nice places to go.”

What can we expect?

The family behind Di Roma hopes that affordable prices and a quality dining experience will solidify their restaurant’s place on the San Angelo dining scene.

“If you want success, you don’t just have to have a nice place, not just good food, not just good service, not just good prices — you have to have it all, everything,” Gomez said. “As a customer I expect everything. This is what I want to give them, because this is what I expect.”

One of the most lasting impressions comes from the food, however, and we were given a glimpse of the restaurant’s menu ahead of time. So what will be cooking in the kitchen? Check out the gallery below to find out.

When will Di Roma open?

According to Gomez, Di Roma was originally scheduled to hold its soft opening on Friday, March 15, to cater to weekend crowds. However, this has changed, as her family has been unable to obtain the necessary cooking ingredients. She now anticipates the restaurant will be open for business sometime during the week or weekend of Monday, March 18.

“We’ve done everything,” Gomez said. “Once we get the ingredients, then we’ll open.”

With the debut of Di Roma on the horizon, Gomez and her family hope to offer San Angelo an authentic blend of Mexican, Italian and American culture and cuisine that will delight customers and get them excited about their visit the next.

“We’re doing our best to make sure the people of San Angelo leave satisfied,” Gomez said. “We hope you’ll be patient with us getting started first. If you like us, please give us a good review on Google so people know about us and we can share the taste of Italian Mexican cooking in America!”

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