How to find lyrics on music streaming platforms

How to find lyrics on music streaming platforms

How to find lyrics on music streaming platforms

Main Agreement

  • Apple Music Sing offers real-time lyrics and vocal editing, allowing users to have a karaoke experience.
  • Spotify offers real-time lyrics for over 8 million songs, accessible on a variety of devices.
  • YouTube Music and Amazon Music also offer lyrics for many songs, making back-to-back experiences seamless.

Music brings people together. Whether you’re blessed with a Mariah Carey vocal range or you’re deaf, screaming the lyrics to a song you love is a feeling like no other. Whether you’re looking to have a road jam session, host a karaoke night at home, win a lip sync contest, or serenade that special someone, the first step will always be to make sure you’re singing the lyrics. properly. .


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Fortunately, most popular streaming services have features to guide listeners through songs verbatim and line by line. Gone are the days of guessing what an artist might sing: Lyrics on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music are all uploaded by the artist themselves or an artist representative. The last step is knowing where to find them and, of course, singing along.



Apple Music Sing

Apple Music Sing allows Apple Music listeners to have a singing experience with millions of song options. The feature provides real-time lyrics so listeners can follow along line by line. It also allows users to adjust the vocal volume of a song, creating an instant instrumental version of the song for a karaoke experience.

According to Apple, users can “sing along to the original artist’s vocals, take the lead, or mix it down to millions of songs in the Apple Music catalog,” all while viewing “multiple lyric views” that allow Apple Music subscribers to be creative and sing along, whether it’s a solo performance, duet or group jam session.



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Apple Music Sing’s vocal volume adjustment feature makes the platform unique to most other music platforms. Easy access to instrumental versions boasts benefits such as being able to host karaoke at home instead of paying for a night out or simply removing the lyrics to your favorite songs so the lyrics don’t distract while you focus on work.

Having access to a compatible device is the first step to enjoying the benefits of Apple Music Sing. Apple Music Sing can be used on the following devices:

Apple Music Sing Lyrics

Using Apple Music Sing

Apple Music Sing is available to Apple Music subscribers worldwide. If you have a compatible device and the app is up to date, you should be able to use Apple’s karaoke feature.

To use Apple Music Sing, follow these steps:

  1. pill The Apple Music app
  2. Play a song of your choice
  3. Search for speech bubble icon at the bottom of the screen
  4. touch speech bubble to see lyrics in real time
  5. Press and hold microphone icon to adjust the vocal volume of the song
  6. Turn the volume all the way down for one instrumental version of the song

Spotify lyrics on iPhone

Spotify lyrics

In 2021, Spotify announced real-time lyrics powered by Musixmatch. Thanks to this partnership, Spotify has access to the lyrics of more than eight million songs, with more added every day.

This gives free and premium users access to real-time lyrics on iOS and Android devices, desktop, game consoles and TV. Spotify’s real-time lyrics are accessible on most devices compatible with the streaming service.

  1. pill Spotify app or web player and find the song you want to learn the lyrics to.
  2. Click on view now playing on the song
  3. On your smartphone, swipe up from the bottom to see texts in real time. In the desktop application click microphone icon at the bottom right of the screen, or on a TV, select song lyrics the button

Real-time lyrics will be displayed on screen with the line highlighted as they are sung by the artist. There are still some songs on Spotify that don’t come with real-time lyrics, but the vast majority of popular songs in Spotify’s library offer this feature.

YouTube Music with lyrics

YouTube Music Lyrics

YouTube Music also offers listeners a chance to see the lyrics of many songs. YouTube Music has provided an easy way for its subscribers to see the lyrics of their favorite songs while listening. Not all songs on the platform have lyrics available, but those that do are easily accessible.

Similar to other platforms, YouTube Music conveniently provides lyrics that guide the listener through each line while a song is playing for a seamless experience.

YouTube Music Lyrics

Amazon Music Lyrics

Amazon Prime subscribers have access to a number of great benefits at Amazon, including access to Amazon Prime Music. Amazon is the gift that keeps on giving. One of its gifts is access to song lyrics through various apps on mobile, desktop and TV.

To access song lyrics on your phone:

  1. pill Amazon Music app
  2. Play a song and ask for one text tag
  3. Click the song to open the now playing screen and watch media controls

Swipe up in the lyrics below the album artwork to view them in your full screen.


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Music technology has seen huge advances in the last decade, and it’s getting more advanced every day. Although Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music have all made lyrics easily accessible for listeners to follow, Apple Music takes the cake with its karaoke functionality. No matter which platform you choose to listen and sing along to, each has your back to make sure you’re singing the right lyrics.

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