I just cooked the perfect steak with this smart thermometer

I just cooked the perfect steak with this smart thermometer

I absolutely love cooking. With the isolation and years when I first left giving me enough time to cook, it’s something I’ve come to love. So it colors me a bit cynical when I hear about the ultimate cooking gadget, the Meater 2 Plus smart thermometer. I’m definitely a “do it when it’s ready” kind of person – pulling other people to no end. Instead of setting timers or using thermometers, I tend to feel good while cooking. And for the most part it works, whether that’s luck or because I picked up a thing or two.

But when after using Meater 2 Plus, my mind has changed somewhat. It’s a tool I like to use, when appropriate, to ensure I’m cooking at the best possible level. It helped me cook the perfect steak, not for me, but for a family member who likes it a little better done (I’m trying to disavow them, don’t worry). And it’s a tool I’ll pull out when I want to make sure something is perfect.

Meater gets it right, every time

Meater’s second-generation smart meat thermometer connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, so you can keep an eye on how your dinner is coming. The idea is simple, insert the 2 Plus into the food before you set it to cook – just like any other cooking probe. Whether you bake, smoke, grill, deep fry or air fry, you can use the Meater. It transmits temperature readings to your smartphone, so you can keep an eye on the temperature. To measure the temperature, it uses five different sensors inside the stainless steel probe.

It also packs some pretty nifty features up its sleeve. The Guided Cooking System guides you through every step of the cooking process, while the Advanced Rating Algorithm actively calculates how long it will be until your meat is ready to eat. In theory, this smart thermometer sounds like the perfect kitchen aid, but how did it fare when we put it to good use?

To put Meater 2 Plus through its paces, I was assigned to cook a nice Ribeye steak for a family member. They wanted me ruin cook this piece of meat to a well-done level. As someone who always cooks a steak for Medium Rare, this was a little foreign to me. While I was up to the challenge, I wanted to make sure I got it right. Remove from the heat too quickly and it would be too pink to taste.

Cooking a steak with the Meater 2 Plus smart thermometerCooking a steak with the Meater 2 Plus smart thermometer

So, I went to stick Meater’s smart thermometer into the steak. There is a handy line to let you know how far to push it. While this is a fairly thick cut, as the probe is quite thin (only 5mm), it would work just as well for smaller cuts of meat. I put my smartphone next to it, went through the app and threw it on the stove. The app asked me what meat it was and how I wanted it cooked, before telling me the correct temperature. While cooking, it kept the live temperature reading up to date on my phone screen. It even provides an estimate of how much time is left in the cooking time. When we were about halfway through, I flipped the steak. The movement of the meat didn’t mess up the temperature readings, which was nice to see.

Just before the steak was at the temperature to do well (a balmy 75 degrees), I took it out and covered it to rest. The app notified me that it was at this temperature and told me how long to let it rest. Instead, the Meater kept sending the temperature even though I couldn’t see the steak and didn’t know what was going on down there. Once it reached temperature, it was time to cut and serve. What about family? Happy with a steak well done. But I can’t take all the credit – Meater’s smart thermometer definitely helped here.

An extra cooking leg to stand on

Here, the Meater 2 Plus smart thermometer helped me cook something I was not very familiar with. Would I use it again in such a case? Yes. But would I use it even more often? Yes. This helps give you an extra level of confidence that you are doing the right thing.

And thanks to the intelligence within, I know it will give me the right information. Bluetooth convenience also makes things easier. You don’t have to worry about reading a probe inserted into your meat that is spitting oil. The right way to think of the Meater is as an extra cooking leg to stand on. It can give you more confidence that you are doing it right.

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