Ideal Fantasy Eleven from the first round of La Liga

Fantasy by Iñaki Williams Athletic Club

We reach the April break The league. A break that will almost mark the beginning of this end of the season. After 30 days played, the teams are already knowing their place in the table. As always on these dates, from Perfect Day We bring you exclusive content that can help you during this break. Some examples are ours chohthose of the breakthe injured list to recover or this article in which we bring you the once ideal fantasy of these first thirteen days.

Who have been the highest rated players or what have been a big surprise in Biwenger, Comunio, Mister, Kickbase or LaLiga Fantasy?

Eleven Ideal Fantasy so far this season


Unai Simón, in a LaLiga match
Source: Athletic Club

The best goalkeeper so far this season from La Liga EA Sports is none other than Unai Simon. The Athletic Club goalkeeper is having a great season and is the highest ranked in pikes. Until the last day it was Álvaro Valles, but the direct red card he saw against FC Barcelona has made him fall to second position.


Carvajal Real MadridBiwenger

In defense we opt for a line of three in which they stand out Dani Carvajal, Miguel Gutiérrez and Yan Couto.

Little change compared to the last national team break that we experienced in the League. In fact, Carvajal players who have been -case of the Real Madrid player- injured, they are still at the top. Essential pillar for his team, with control in defense but also importance in attackwhich causes the balance to become unbalanced in their fight to be at the top. In fact, neither the rotations thinking about the Champions League nor the near sanction has caused one in defense to leave that TOP.

The main “surprise” of this season is a Yan Couto that has finished emerging this season. Not only has he taken Arnau Martínez’s job, but big teams are already asking about him. Add this season one goal and seven assists. We also have Miguel GutierrezGirona’s other side is in a great moment.


Jude Bellingham celebrates a goal with Real Madrid
Source: LaLiga

Line of four midfielders, who are occupying the TOP Fantasy and, as it could not be otherwise, lead our ideal LaLiga fantasy eleven. Four players who once again leave out other excellent fantasy players such as Bellingham, Isco, Fede Valverde and Kirian.

The leader in fantasy key So far this season it is still Bellingham despite the passing of the weeks and months. The English midfielder has not only fallen on his feet for Real Madrid since Matchday 1, but after 30 League games he remains one of the competition’s top scorers with 16 goals. In fact, in spades he is the only one that has managed to overcome the 200 point barrier so far.

Along with the Englishman, another of the players from the Madrid team such as Fede Valverde. It has always been a sure thing, but this season the Uruguayan has finished imposing himself with the rest of his teammates. Although he has less weight in the goalyes it is more regular.

We continue with another of the big names of La Liga as it is Isco. Although he has missed five games due to injury, the former Real Madrid, Sevilla and Málaga He has returned to his best version this season. And the Spanish player is being one of the best players in the competition. Addition six goals and three assists for now.

We finish the midfielder position with Kirian. The departure of Jonathan Viera gave him the definitive step to take over the leadership of Las Palmas. A team that has just been promoted to the First Division, but is breathing without any problems in this first season. Largely, thanks to the level that Kirian is showing this year with the teameven having great importance in the attack.


Sávio Girona fantasy LaLiga

We finish our ideal fantasy eleven with front threethat probably some of them we didn’t expect to have here.

The striker who has scored the most points so far in the League this season is the greatest of the williams. Key to another season in Athletic’s game to understand the fast game and the counterattack of those of Valverdebut now it is better understood with its greater regularity facing the door. Nine goals and three assists and increasing understanding with his brother. However, what helps him the most is that he is key even when he doesn’t see the door.

Another of the main surprises of the season in these first 30 days is undoubtedly wise. The young Brazilian player from Girona has not lasted long in Míchel’s squad. And Manchester City has already made it official that they will take over his services for next season. Eight goals and seven assists at 19 years old to try to get the Catalan team into the Champions League.

We finish this eleven so far this season in fantasy key scam Before Budimir. Osasuna’s best player once again sneaks into this eleven. The Croatian striker is once again in his best season with the club in front of goal. And the veteran player already adds 16 goals and two assists that put him fully into the fight for the Pichichi.

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