Immerse yourself in music with DONNER Dobuds ONE

Everyone loves a good tech sale, and if you’re in the market for a great pair of wireless headphones, you won’t want to miss out on the DONNER Dobuds One sale. This pair of high-quality headphones comes in four different trendy colors, complete with a rechargeable earcup, a companion app and powerful active noise cancellation. Using the code below, you can grab them for $36, marked down from $49.99.

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These headphones have quite a bit going for them at this low price, and one of the standout features is the large 12mm LPC dynamic driver. Thanks to the custom balanced armature, you will enjoy rich and subtle sound quality, which compensates for the lack of high frequency bands. The Dobud ONE’s mid and low frequency bands are where these things shine, giving you powerful bass when listening to music. The details of your music will sound rich and subtle when needed. All your favorite tracks will reveal the many layers of audio that can only be experienced with a pair of high-quality, comfortable headphones.

DONNER Dobuds ONE in Navy Blue

There are four different color options to choose from. Mint Green, Navy Blue, Matte Black and Snow White colors all result in a bold look that can match your personal style. All design options feature a waterproof construction that keeps out rain, splashes, sweat and other types of moisture.

The charging case will come in the same color as your headphones, which will charge the Dobud ONE in just 1.5 hours. Type-C fast charging technology will charge the Dobuds case in just ten minutes. After a full charge, you’ll get up to 2 hours of playback time. Single-ear battery life is more than eight hours with ANC off, and the charging case provides a full charge cycle three times. In total, you can get 32 ​​hours of use before the case needs to be charged again.

Active Digital Noise Reduction will reduce noise by -30dB in the 80Hz 2KHz region. This will allow you to get a much more immersive sound from your music. When making a call using your Dobuds, reducing ENC call noise will improve the overall quality of your call.

Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity technology is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Use the DONNER Control app to enable low-latency mode, which is perfect for gaming with just 70ms of latency. The app also offers additional features such as EQ customization, power display, headphone name, noise reduction transparency mode switching, UI customization and more.

Get DONNER Dobuds ONE on Amazon with 20% off
Use the code [BTSCH815] for an additional 10% discount.

If you haven’t heard of DONNER before, that’s because it’s the company’s first foray into consumer electronics. DONNER has a long history of researching musical instruments and felt that they have a lot to offer with their ability to tune the sound to get the most out of the music. The company is dedicated to finding ways to connect instruments, people and music.

Get the DONNER Dobuds today from Amazon to take advantage of their current sale.

DONNER Dobuds ONE in Mint Green

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