In-game brands that should return to GTA 6

In-game brands that should return to GTA 6

Main points

  • Rockstar’s creativity in parodying real-world brands knows no bounds, adding satirical humor to their games.
  • Bringing back favorite franchise classics like Cobra Marital Arts Gym and Inside Track betting would be a nostalgic addition.
  • The inclusion of iconic brands like Burger Shot and Sprunk could add to GTA’s satirical and immersive world.

of Grand Theft Auto franchise has always featured a lot of parody corporations, and this is one of the main ways in which Rockstar can inject their brand of satirical humor into their games. From fast food restaurants and social media companies to transnational delivery services and automobile manufacturers, Rockstar’s creativity when it comes to twisting the iconography of existing real-world brands seems to know no bounds.



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In addition to some beloved classics that have reappeared in previous entries, some hidden gems may also make a surprise return, with many brands also having potential gameplay and story implications. While it seems almost certain that Rockstar will add a slew of new brands in line with the times, many fans would welcome the return of some franchise classics, at least for nostalgia’s sake.

1 Cobra Marital Arts Gym

The prospect of gyms and martial arts dojos can add a lot to personalization

GTA 6 brands to see Cobra Return Marital Arts Gym

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

October 26, 2004

The intentionally misspelled Cobra Arts Gym “Marital” was a place players could visit in the city of San Fierro in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. While this gym was special in the sense that players could learn and practice martial arts here, it’s more the feature of gyms and physical transformation that would be a welcome addition to GTA 6.

The prospect of using exercises to transform the player’s skills and attributes is certainly appealing, and would be further enhanced if players were able to learn different martial arts styles, with specific fight animations associated with each.

2 Inside the track

Mini-games such as betting provide additional hours of entertainment

GTA 6 brands that will see the return of in-track betting

While the Inside Track betting brand may not be entirely memorable, horse racing betting activity in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas it will certainly bring back fond memories for many players. In addition to providing a great mini-game, the betting shop was a great way for players to spend and accumulate large amounts of money regardless of their progress in the main story.

Whether it’s horse racing or other sports, it would be nice to see some form of this entertainment return, and forms of in-game betting can give players something to do after they’ve amassed large sums of wealth and filled with material wealth. .

3 Adios Airlines

Air travel can greatly expand the open world

GTA 6 brands that will see the return of Adios Airlines

Grand Theft Auto 5

September 17, 2013

Rockstar North

although GTA 6The setting of Vice City has been confirmed, it remains to be seen if additional locations can be added, either as DLC or part of the main game. MOST GTA games in the past have featured airports in one form or another, and well-known Latin American airline brand Adios Airlines could very well play a central role in GTA 6.


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The ability to travel between different locations, including parts of Mexico, San Andreas, or Liberty City would be a welcome addition and provide the opportunity to add various easter eggs and bonus content. At the very least, it seems almost certain that players will have the opportunity to pilot a variety of aircraft and explore a large map of Vice City and its surrounding areas.

4 Burger Shot

This brand favorite is sure to make an appearance in one way or another

GTA 6 Brands To See Return Burger Shot

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

October 29, 2002

First presented in the original Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Burger Shot is a spoof of the fast food chain Burger King and centers around a lie and shoot theme. Aside from the restaurants themselves, the TV and radio commercials have been consistently hilarious, and content of this type would surely be appreciated by fans of the series if it appeared on GTA 6.

Much in the way that gyms could improve a player’s character’s physical attributes and appearance in some previous games, it was also possible to do the opposite through overconsumption of fast food. Given Rockstar’s history of parody when it comes to these food brands, it seems highly likely that Burger Shot will make another appearance when players return to Vice City.

5 Sprunk

Vice City is sure to be filled with brand parodies

GTA 6 Brands To See Return Sprunk

A longtime feature of the series, the “Sprunk” sprite parody will be welcomed back for several reasons, aside from the endless number of ad applications available for subterfuge. In addition to its rival soda company “eCola”, Sprunk has been used as a sponsor for various in-game events, such as car races, and has subsequently appeared on several cars and motorcycles to equip players.


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Along with Honkers, Cluckin Bell, Burger Shot and Weazel News, Sprunk represents one of the now classic brands that gamers expect to see in a Grand Theft Auto the title. Whether Rockstar will reuse these brands or invent new ones remains to be seen, but even a cursory mention is sure to bring a smile from longtime fans of the series.

6 Cluckin’ Bell

This chicken shop is a cultural staple of Grand Theft Auto

GTA 6 brands to watch Return Cluckin Bell

Appearing for the first time in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Cluckin Bell is one of the most popular brands inside GTA universe and features its fair share of hilarious ads and design choices. Based on a combination of KFC and Taco Bell, Cluckin Bell offers a long menu of jokes and memories for longtime players of the series.

Besides being a classic brand within the series, Cluckin Bell locations often make for great mission environments and siege locations for police encounters. IN GTA: San Andreasplayers were even able to choose from a variety of different dishes, each of which had different implications for their health.

7 Ammu-Nation

The legendary gun shop perfectly encapsulates the free spirit of America

GTA 6 Brands To See Ammunition Return

Grand Theft Auto 3

October 23, 2001

That dates back to Grand Theft Auto 3Ammu-Nation is one of the largest gun retailers in the Grand Theft Auto universe and has featured heavily in nearly every title since. In addition to providing a convenient location for purchasing high-powered weaponry, Ammu-Nation also has a comically exaggerated sense of the libertarian spirit.


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The store previously appeared in multiple locations throughout Vice City, and it seems the brand is more than likely to return – unless, for narrative purposes, the stores have been banned, as was the case in Grand Theft Auto 4.

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