Indiana is poised to become a global leader in the technology industry

In today’s interconnected world, the future of America’s leadership on the global stage lies in innovation. Every day we face new crisis after new crisis—bare grocery store shelves due to supply chain disruptions, multiple global health threats, climate shocks, and inflation driving up gas pump prices. America’s global leadership is more important now than ever to combat these complex global threats, and we know that investing in innovation and technology through development and diplomacy is key to advancing America’s interests.

As Hoosiers, we know the vital importance of innovative global leadership and how it affects us here at home. Last year, Indiana companies exported $41.2 billion in goods, which helped support nearly 750,000 jobs in the state. There are hundreds of thousands of families in Indiana alone who benefit from America’s leadership on the global stage. Especially amid the disruptions of the past two years, we can see that ingenuity and resilience help support our state’s economy, which exported 16% more goods in 2021 than in 2020. But what we can also see is how much important is digital technology not only to our daily lives, but to American global leadership through development and diplomacy.

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The United States is responding to the need for modernized foreign aid, and in April 2020, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) launched its first Digital Strategy. Two years later, the strategy is already delivering results, from the fight against COVID-19 and corruption to the use of digital technologies that empower farmers to use more sustainable growing practices. Strengthening digital transformation and modernization efforts through USAID and other government agencies dedicated to development, diplomacy, and foreign policy helps craft a vision for humanitarian assistance that is innovative and responsive to the looming global crisis.

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