Indoor cannabis cultivation business proposed in Westfield |  News, Sports, Jobs

Indoor cannabis cultivation business proposed in Westfield | News, Sports, Jobs

Kaleidoscope Farms of Western New York is looking to have a cannabis growing operation at 50 Franklin St., Westfield. PJ photo by Gregory Bacon

WESTFIELD – An indoor cannabis grow for adult use is looking to open in Chautauqua County.

The county’s Planning Board was recently notified of a cannabis cultivation, first level cannabis proposal at 50 Franklin St., Westfield. This dilapidated building was once used by Welch Foods, Inc.

In June, Live Oak Realty, LLC of Westfield sold 50 Franklin St. and 16 English St., Westfield to Tusk Construction, Inc. of Colden, NY for $46,969.

The applicant on the county zoning reference record is Zach Bobseine and Tusk Construction, Inc.

The developer is Kaleidoscope Farms of Western New York. According to the company’s website, “Kaleidoscope is a service-disabled veteran-owned (SDVOB) business specializing in indoor cannabis cultivation.”

The website says the company will have the ability to “vegetate up to 1,000 plants and flowers simultaneously, up to 15 different species, from seedlings to finished product.”

The website also states “Kaleidoscope will dry and process all cannabis flowers in labeled/inventorized packaging prior to delivery.”

Zach Bobseine is listed as the “head producer”. His bio adds that he is a veteran Navy cannabis cultivation manager/supervisor.

According to Westfield Village Clerk Vince Luce, Kaleidoscope Farms LLC is a “cannabis-only business.” The consumption of cannabis is not recommended.

Luce said the site plan was approved by the Westfield Village Board as recommended by the Planning Board on Dec. 18 and the Special Use Permit was approved by the Planning Board at the Jan. 10 meeting with several conditions to be met by the developer.

The conditions are as follows:

— Applicants must obtain a valid license from the NYS Office of Cannabis Management.

— All aspects of the cannabis facility, other than the transportation of products or materials, must take place within the fully enclosed building and must not be visible from the outside of the building.

— No external storage is allowed.

— Ventilation — The business shall provide an air handling system with sufficient ventilation and exhaust systems that absorb the odor so that any odor generated inside and outside the facility is not detectable by a person of reasonable sensitivity at the property line. .

— Signs must be approved by the New York Office of Cannabis Management.

— If the license issued by the Office of Cannabis Management specifies other additional or more specific provisions regarding the size, site plan, or other physical attributes of the facility, the provisions in this license shall apply in addition to the existing conditions of approval.

— The Village Planning Board shall not enforce any requirement inconsistent with the license provisions of the State of New York. If a condition is found to conflict, the New York license condition will apply.

– The cannabis facility will maintain appropriate security measures and a security plan as required by New York State.

— The business must submit a plan that identifies a business representative who will be available 24 hours a day to serve as the primary emergency contact. Such contact information will be provided to the Westfield Police Department and Code Officer and will be kept up to date.

— Businesses are encouraged to work with local organizations and the Village of Westfield to develop a process or formula as part of a community reinvestment plan as proposed during the application process.

No timeline has been announced.

An email to the company was not returned.

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