Katniss unknowingly replicated Lucy Grey’s surprising Hunger Games in the moment 64 years after Songbirds & Snakes


  • Lucy Gray Baird and Katniss Everdeen both sing in the Hunger Games, defying convention and captivating viewers.
  • The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes explores the origins of The Hunger Games, with an emphasis on fun over survival.
  • The connection between Lucy Gray and Katniss, both District 12 tributes who use the song to challenge the Games, spans over 60 years.

Lucy Gray Baird started an unusual trend in The Hunger Games: The Ballad of the Songbird and the Serpents that was continued by Katniss Everdeen over six decades later. Ballad of songbirds and snakes introduced the audience to Lucy Gray Baird, a District 12 tribute with a special talent. Lucy Gray stunned Hunger Games viewers by doing something completely unexpectedonly for Katniss to do the same later on The Hunger Games deadline.

A prequel to the original The Hunger Games movies, 2023 Ballad of songbirds and snakes revolves around the 10th Annual Hunger Games and the rise of Coriolanus Snow. The film contains many references and easter eggs to the main series, and there are several Hunger Games moments that have different meaning now that Songbirds and snakes has been released. One such moment occurs during the 74th annual games and is linked to Lucy Grey’s song.


9 The Ballad of Songbirds and Snake Lines That Cleverly Reference The Hunger Games

The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes references other Hunger Games films with some cleverly written bits of dialogue, alluding to other characters.

Lucy Gray singing in Songbirds & Snakes was probably a Hunger Games first

The games themselves were still new at this point

During the 10th Annual Hunger Games, it has been decided that, for the first time, the emphasis will be on fun over survival. In other words, the winner will not necessarily be the one who comes out alive, but the one who attracts the most viewers. Lucy Grey, who showcased her fine singing voice at the harvest ceremony, is encouraged by her mentor, Coriolanus Snow, to use her talent to win the Games. in the arena, Lucy Gray manages to survive charming snakes with her voice. In doing so, it also wins over the viewership of The Hunger Games.

The first four
The Hunger Games
movies are currently available to stream on Netflix.

Ballad of songbirds and snakes is set at a point in Panem’s history when The Hunger Games is still a relatively new concept. Therefore, Lucy Gray was the first example of someone singing during The Hunger Games. Ultimately, the Games center on a fight to the death; are hardly the obvious event to start a song. However, Lucy Gray proved that music can be just the thing to be successful at the Games.

Katniss also sings in her first Hunger Games appearance

The events of the 74th Hunger Games mirror those of the 10th Games

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss and Amandla Stenberg as Rue in the Hunger Games

Like Lucy Gray before her, Katniss also sings during her first Hunger Games appearance. However, as Lucy Gray sings on every song Songbirds and snakes is a modest challenge and triumph, Katniss’s reason for singing is far more poignant. At the beginning of the Games, Katniss befriends a young District 11 girl named Rue, whom Katniss tries to protect. Sadly, Rue is killed by one of the other contestants, which causes Katniss great sadness. As Rue dies in Katniss’s arms, Katniss sings a lullaby that begins with the line “deep in the meadow. It’s a heartbreaking and surprisingly powerful moment.

Ballad of songbirds and snakes
also confirms that, despite being 60+ years apart, the two women are connected by the song.

It is not known if anyone else sang during the other 63 Hunger Games between 10 and 74. However, the symmetry between the two instances is interesting. Many comparisons have already been made between the characters of Katniss Everdeen and Lucy Grey, so the fact that they share this common detail only adds to their similarities. Both are District 12 tributes that refuse to match the barbaric nature of the Games. Ballad of songbirds and snakes also confirms that, despite being 60+ years apart, the two women are connected by the song.

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